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5 Ways to Attract the Love You Want and Deserve

by Family Center

5 Ways to Attract the Love You Want and Deserve
Attraction has a principle that makes you desire and love the individual you are with. This means that you are shaped by the things around you to give out a positive view towards others. Is it possible to be attractive?

1. Think Correctly
To think correctly is not for you to spend two hours a day repeating the mantra that love will magically appear in your life without you doing anything beyond thinking and repeating it to yourself a thousand times.

To think correctly is not to be pessimistic, maintaining a right attitude toward life, knowing that you are no better or worse than anyone else. To believe that luck does not exist. Believe that you can be as happy as anyone else, even if you have physical limitations. Believing that the world is big enough and that there are people in it that can make you very happy and loved.

2. Develop the ability to make friendships
Making friends is something you learn. You can study books, such as Dale Carnegie’s famous “How to Make Friends and Influence People . ” On the internet there is a lot about this book, summaries, videos, etc. This book was a watershed for me because I was very shy and the teachings of Dale Carnegie helped me a lot to understand better about the human relationship. To make friends has also to do with the Golden Rule: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It also has to do with “empathy,” which is you being sympathetic and understanding the point of view of other people, putting yourself in their shoes.

3. Be patient with your relatives and friends

Patient people usually have many friends and also have the goodwill of other people in relation to them. Impatient people and “barraqueiras”, on the contrary, usually have few true friends, besides being seen as “short wick” bombs, always about to explode. Be patient with everyone, even with “boring” people. Develop this virtue as much as you can, and you’ll see miracles happen in your life.

4. Expose yourself, participate in healthy activities

“Whoever is not seen is not remembered,” the saying goes. You have to expose yourself, both physically and virtual. Participate as much as you can of parties, attend a church, go to the movies, talk to virtual friends a lot. If you stay closed in your oyster, it will be difficult for you to be seen, and more then you will be loved.

5. Speak, dress and act in a manner consistent with what you are
Try not to hide behind masks, do not be sneaky, do not be a liar, be willing to compromise. Dress yourself in a “normal” way, not with 70 piercings, which will only make you accepted and loved by a tribe, and not by most people. I have no prejudice against piercings, but in this article we are talking about how you are loved by all. Learn to speak in a “normal” way, which is the correct way to communicate: with little slang and no swearing.

This are helpful tools to make you attractive towards others.

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