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5 Ways you can cope with air Fright.

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5 ways you can cope with air fright.

5 Ways you can cope with air fright

5 Ways you can cope with air frigh

5 Ways you can cope with air Fright.
You will all agree on the fact that flying by air saves time and secures appointment for you where punctuality is considered. Getting on board also with some basic knowledge of flight features is also important in your air travel. But of all features of air travelling, one great fright that almost scares life out of some first-time traveller is the fear of height and turbulence.

Here are 5 ways you can cope with air fright


Increase Your Pool of Knowledge about Air Travel

Turbulence is just like some bumpy parts we find on roads. It is usually a mixture of fluid with air which intercepts aircraft movement. Most times, first-time passengers fear height and turbulence a lot without knowing about its dynamics. Therefore it is not bad to read through an aviation magazine or articles on air turbulence online. It surely will help.

Remind Yourself That Fear is Separate From Danger

Be able to distinguish between fear and danger. That you never could imagine such a magnificent object suspended in the air shouldn’t awaken the fright in you. All you need do is be calm and follow all instructions from the cockpit, there is actually no cause for anxiety.


Try To Outsmart Turbulence
Instead of calculating turbulence and feet at which the pilot is flying above sea level, you can actually get a magazine from the front pouch in front of your seat, plug in an earpiece in your ears and begin enjoying cool sensational tunes from free to air stations or probably enjoy one of the movies available for you. Turbulence is actually felt by shaky movement of aircraft but when you get immersed in reading and listening to music, you hardly will notice that. Put your mind at rest, the professionals have got your back.


Follow airborne Instructions
There is always certain instructions for onboard passengers such as, belting yourself before the aircraft takes off and shutting the curtains next to the windows to avoid the fear of height which has always been the issue for most first timer passenger and sometimes some regular passengers. Get comfortable. At a point during your flight period, you’re not allowed to move around, but when at autopilot movement is still allowed. Then turbulence is drastically cut off.


Be Patient

There is actually nothing to be scared about inasmuch the pilot is constantly receiving instruction from the control tower where he receives flight instructions. The fact is that they just don’t take decisions on their own, but instead take instructions from the tower where weather and flight are studied. So instead of being timid and troubled when the pilot is having a nice time cruising all the way to your destination, why not request for a good blend of tea and trade away your troubles by chatting with some onboard passengers. You are just in the safe hands but never knew it.

As the days unfolds, it is certain you’ll get used to flight turbulence and remain unfazed when they or other flight issues occur. Besides, after a while, you’ll eventually get tired of jumping in fear at every flight turbulence. There is never any reason troubling yourself when you mistakenly see houses like boxes, that is actually what it is like when you are some thousand feets above sea level. Now don’t be scared. Why not get to your internet and book your next flight ticket and enjoy the time while you cruise peacefully to your destination.

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