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5 Ways You Can Reduce Stomach Problems

by Family Center

5 Ways You Can Reduce Stomach Problems
1. Eat more banana
Just as an apple each day takes you far away from the doctor, then one banana a day does the same. When you take one banana each day, then you will relieve the stomach problems that comes from a acid reflux. So, eat more fruits and vegetables so that you can lessen your stomach problems.

2. Lift your head while you sleep
It has been observed that when you raise your head with your pillow while you sleep, then you can be able to keep the acid from flowing into the esophagus, reducing heartburn.

3. Sleep on your left side.
When you sleep on your left side where your stomach is located, then you will relieve the stomach problem.

4. Take more of water
In a day, you are expected to take at least 8-10 glasses of water in order to get a lot of relieve. If you have some stomach upset, just make sure that you drink a lot of water which will flush out the acid in the body. It has the therapeutic power to alleviate the pains in the body.

5.Take Soda Crackers
Some examples of soda crackers includes baking powder and the likes. When that is taken, then it may indeed reduce the stomach problem. Just make sure that you add half a teaspoon into it a glass of water, and drink.

This soda cracker has a lot of antacid in it and is healthy for you.

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