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5 Ways To Detect If Your Baby Has A Hearing problems

by Family Center

5 Ways To Detect If Your Baby Has A Hearing problems
Finding out that a child has a disability is not easy. It was a hard blow that threw me into deep depression to discover that my youngest son had a mental problem that took many years to be diagnosed.

According to reports, it has bee gathered that there are ways to detect the problem early in the baby. Be aware if your child fits into any of these:

1. Little or no reaction to sounds
He does not look at the TV when it is turned on, he does not prefer the rattles and other noisy toys, he does not care when someone shouts, etc.

2. Does not wake up easily
The baby will not wake up when someone enters the room and makes a noise. Does not react to loud sounds even at 9 months still does not respond to music and does not even try to dance.

3. He does not calm down

If your baby cries during the night, for example, and calms down when a parent talks to him, it is a sign that he has detected the sound of the voice.

However, if the child only calms down after seeing their parents’ faces or turning on the light, it is a sign that there is a problem that needs to be investigated.

4. It is silent
It does not emit sounds and neither does mum or dad speak even at 1 year of age.

5. Atypical behavior
If your child has no predilection for noisy toys and does not change behavior by hearing an order or a “no” even at 8-9 months of age, this is another warning sign.

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Many of the hearing problems can not be avoided, especially those where the child is already born with them, but it is still possible to prevent the child from diminishing in hearing ability over time. The Tua Saúde site brings tips like:

Avoid inserting objects (including swabs) into the baby’s ear

Watch for signs like: lack of appetite, uninterrupted crying, fever, coryza, among others, may be flu or ear infection (otitis) – which also causes a bad smell.

Avoid exposing your baby to music or high-volume devices

Keep the vaccination up to date

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