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5 Ways to End Incessant Fights Among Your Children

by Adenike Akindude

5 Ways to End Incessant Fights Among Your Children

As a parent, you must have seen your children fight most times, and perhaps, you are wondering what the cause of the fights amongst your children could be.

In fact, the continual fighting amongst your children has become a thorn in your flesh as a parent and you are unsure of the solution.

Understanding children’s development

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You can stop your worries now. Incessant fights among your children may not be what you can stop totally but there are ways you can minimize it and grow a loving family instead.

Here are five ways to achieve that:

  • Teach them to appreciate each other

As a parent, it is your duty to let your children know that they can never be totally the same even though they are twins or look alike. Make them know that everyone has weaknesses and strengths and these must be appreciated.

  • Show equal love to all

One of the causes of incessant fights among siblings in a family as we have known is a one-sided love. As a parent, you should prevent jealousy among your children by showing them love equally.

  • Help them support each other

Parents should help their children support each other at all times. You can achieve this by being involved in their games, asking one to support another in doing school assignments, washing together, and doing many other creative things together.

  • Don’t interfere with their issues at all times

Sometimes, it is good for children to have some fights that are healthy. So, sometimes, you can allow them to have time doing some struggle and enjoy the view with them. As soon as you notice that it is getting dangerous, please interfere.

  • Share things equally

When you want to give things to your children, share the things equally and when you are doing it according to their age difference, make them understand.

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