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5 Ways to Quell a Child With Anxiety

by Family Center

5 Ways to Quell a Child With Anxiety
Anxiety has been a very great evil in our day and affects behaviors and health. It can be mitigated by some positive attitudes of parents and by establishing healthy habits.

Some events can increase anxiety and require medical-psychological support. Each case will be evaluated by the professional and will receive the necessary support for its cure or decrease.

When parents separate when there are changes of address or school or even with the loss of a loved one or special friend the child can suffer and end up having symptoms of anxiety.

Some of them do not know very well what is happening and will try to keep their parents carefree, but inside, the problem can become large and change to their physical state.

Some things adults can do to help children cope with their problems and reduce anxiety are:

1. Always be there for the child
If she feels she can trust her parents she will be sincere and speak of her fears and fears as well as seek relief through them. This requires open dialogue, sincere conversations without seeming interrogations, never lying to children or others, support in difficult times and demonstrations of concern and love.

When parents encourage and show that the stressful situation will pass instead of simply obliging and using their authority for the child to obey, their confidence will be even greater and in the future they may feel safer and less anxious.

2. Respect limits
Each child has their fears that are often normal for their age. Teaching by force or severe punishment will only erode the relationship between parents and children. Avoiding the confrontation of fears does not solve either.

The ideal is to help the child to endure their challenges according to their age and always support. An example would be a child who is afraid of a dog. Locking the child with a dog does not seem like a good idea and can make things worse. Crossing the street every time encourages the maintenance of fear.

Holding on to your hand and saying that all is well while going through a dog would be the best option.

3. Proper feeding
Avoiding stimulant foods like coffee, soda, sugary foods, can help avoid anxieties.

4. Adequate sleep
Sleeping a number of hours required is important to avoid stress and keep the child prepared for the activities of the day avoiding anxieties. Proper activities during the day avoiding naps out of hours help.

5. Help the child understand
Talking about anxiety may even reveal complicated situations that the child experienced and that parents did not know. Treatments exist and will help to overcome the problems and control anxiety.

Proper home routines with activity proposals and a good relationship help and maintain the child’s emotional balance, as well as being very positive for the whole family.

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