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5 Ways Stress Difference From Men To Women

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5 Ways Stress Difference From Men To Women
It is normal to get stressed up, and when that occurs, it could really be a good idea to loosen up some stress. But according to research, it has been gathered that the way men get stressed out is quite different from what may stress a woman out. What is the difference? Let us consider just 5.

1. Hormones
The hormones in ladies are quite different from men. It has been observed that when the cortisol and epinephrine are two vital hormones for the body. This hormones raises your blood pressure and blood sugar.

In women, it has been observed that when these two hormones rush through your body, oxytocin is released from the brain and then promotes a nurturing and relaxing feeling in the body. On the other hand, men also have oxytocin, but it takes quite a small stress to make them worried. They will be able to handle stress well, and also make a good approac towards matters.

2. Brain functionality
It was observed in 2010 that when women are stressed, their emotional and social areas of their brain showed a significant amount of brain activity, making a brain image stressed up. But in men, the brain activity helps them access the situation of others.

3. Cardiovascular
This has been attributed to a lot of heart disease for women in the world over especialy when have reached the stage of menopause. It has also been observed that if women are pre-menopausal, their levels of estrogen help blood vessels respond better to stress than post-menopausal women. However, both men and women are at risk for heart attacks or stroke if they have persistent chronic stress or acute stress.

4. Menstruation
Stress is one major problem women face when they are that time of the month. Stress can also affect the length of your cycles and can cause your periods to be more painful than usual. In addition, stress can increase PMS symptoms such as increased cramping, bloating and mood swings.

5. Over all stress
A woman to wake each day with the reality that she needs to make the dishes, get the children ready and engage herself for the day. The husband seeks attention before heading out, and she is left at home with a whole lot of work to do. Do u think that is not stressful on it’s own? A lot calls for attention from her.

Women alike men face lot of stress and this has a lot to tell from the way react or behave for a period or time, or over a while. Try to determine which stress point she is going through, and seek help for her.

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