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5 Ways To Take Care of Yourself While Single

by Emeka Enenya
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5 Ways To Take Care of Yourself While Single

The law of attraction states that “like attracts like”. This means that people who are insecure, self-abandoning, unbelievers, but to mention a few attract each other; while people who love and value themselves also attract each other.

In other words, people are drawn to each other on similar levels of emotional, spiritual and psychological health.

The importance of self-care and health cannot be over-emphasized whether single or married. If you are still single, and hope to walk down the aisle someday, you need to understand this crucial part of life that the more you take care of yourself, the more you propel yourself to a better place, where you’ll naturally attract (and be attracted to) people who are also at a “better place”.

What are the best things you do to take care of yourself while single? Though answers to this question are exhaustive, they are summarized into five (5) points that would hopefully inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you to see the incredible importance of taking care of yourself:


  1.    CONNECT: Get connected with good, encouraging, and godly people who will raise you up and not bring you down; attend impactful programs where you can mingle with like-minds (singles and married programs, bible studies, Christian social events etc); Spend time with family while you have the chance!


  1.    REST: “Body no be firewood”. Take time out to rest! Travel if you can afford a trip or two, either domestic or international in a year. You will feel better definitely after relieving yourself of the accumulated stress.


  1.    DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS: Improve and maintain a great relationship with Jesus by turning to His Word. It is a fact that time-outs spent with God are the best moments.


  1.    READ: Read books and journals that promote emotional & spiritual health such as those by Bisi Adewale, Myles Munroe and other authors.


  1.    FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER TO KEEP YOU ON TRACK: Spend time in meaningful conversations with other single friends who you can be accountable to in your everyday life.

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