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5 Ways To Determine If Your Husband fantasizes About Another Woman

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5 Ways To Determine If Your Husband fantasizes About Another Woman
Have you ever heard the popular phrase of looking and not touching? Well, it’s common today as several couples also believes in that. But what does looking lead to It brings about thoughts in which will lead to actions.

According to a research work it was gathered that over 50% who cheat on their wives do that with a mistress who was found at work, while only 6% have slept with the woman the met the same day. What are some factors to determine if he really is cheating on you?

1. He compares you
When the comparison starts, it may be there for you to buckle up, but when he keeps comparing you to a particular woman, then you may need to watch it and know whats wrong with him at that point. Does he need a factory reset?

2. He look too often at other women on the street
When you ask him why he does that, he then tells you that he is just giving his eye some food to eat. Food you may ask? Well, if he points to stare deep or fantasize about that woman that just passed, he is showing interest in others and lack in you.

3. He says you can control him any longer

The man that always listens to you now says you can’t control him? Then he has a lot of things at stake. When that happens, you should know that his respect and view of you has become obsolete.

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4. He has more social media friends you never know about
His social media presence has increased, and he laughs and enjoys the companies he receives from there, then you may begin to wonder. Be warned that close friendship with people of the opposite sex is wrong, and should be curbed.

5. He looks at pornography
Pornography is the first step to betrayal. Many women think there is nothing wrong about viewing pornography alone or as a couple, but that’s not the case. Pornography causes your husband to fantasize about the actress and have wrong expectations about your sexual relationship with him.

If you notice one or more of this, then you should be able to consult with your husband and tell him what you notice before you loose him to that mistress

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