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5 ways to help your child to cope with the new school session

by Adenike Akindude
5 ways to help your child to cope with the new school session-dailyfamily.ng

As schools resume nationwide in Nigeria for the 2017/2018 academic session, students are bracing themselves for the new challenges in their new classes as well as those who are resuming school for the first time.

Some challenges such as new subjects, new class teachers, new classmates, new learning environment, advanced learning techniques but to mention a few, may be faced by your child(ren).

For your children to excel in their academics especially in the new session, there is a need for parents to be actively involved in their children’s affairs.

Here are 5 major ways you can help your child adjust to a new class or school

1. Encourage the child to be the best
The first thing you can do to help your child adjust fully into a new class is to encourage that child to be the best because most children are anxious or afraid of being in a new environment.

Most times, fear comes as a result of not being sure of coping well in the new class. This is why assuring your child is necessary by letting him or she know that success is guaranteed if they work hard in their studies.

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2. Don’t condemn your child for early failures
Don’t condemn your child if he/she is struggling with school work in the new class. However, do your best to encourage the child and also assist in studying. This would boost the child’s confidence.

3. Ask your child few questions about the new class teacher
It is possible for your child to have some areas he or she is not comfortable with the new class teacher. This is why you should sit your child down after a week of resumption and ask few questions about the class teacher.

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From the response you get, you would be able to tell if your child will be able to learn from this teacher or not. If there are one or two complaints, you should tell your child to learn to love his or her teacher as that will aid fast learning and coming out in flying colors at the end of the session.

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4. Teach your child to make the right friends in the new class
Friends have a lot of positive or negative influence on your child. Moving closer to your child will help you to know his/her close friends. Also, warn your child to stay away from classmates that are of bad behaviors.

Make sure you instill the right values in your child, do not leave this responsibility solely for the teachers. You can choose to know the friends personally also.

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5. Get a grasp of the syllabus of the new subjects and homework
It is important to help your child with studying new subjects and take home assignments. When you do this, your child will feel loved and be proud to come back home the following day with good results from the assignments.

Try to take some time off your busy schedule to take a look at the subjects syllabus of your child(ren) which you can do ahead of time.

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If you can’t do these, you can make use of the services of a home teacher who will teach your child and also help with the school work.

Wishing your children the best in their academics this new session.

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