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5 ways to know Fake Love in a Relationship

by Okechukwu Liberty
5 ways to know Fake Love in a Relationship

These are the top five indications that a relationship is running on fake love. Here are some warning flags to watch out for so you can determine whether the love in your relationship is real or not.

Is the love you have for your partner genuine or fake? 

If so, all you have to do is keep loving each other, be truthful with one another, get enough water, and simply behave in a way that will advance the relationship.

However, no one would choose to cohabitate with someone they did not adore. Sadly, it’s the way some people’s relationships actually work.

If the relationship is founded on anything other than a sincere desire to see the other person succeed in every way, if it is founded on something fleeting and temporary, then it is probably fake.

Here are some warning signs you might want to look out for to really know if the love in your relationship is fake:

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1. They are emotionally aloof.

5 ways to know Fake Love in a Relationship

Fakers typically don’t communicate well in relationships. 

There will be little to no substance in the portrayal of their life events. They’ll give reasons why they “couldn’t” communicate, especially if it’s a little challenging. 

Someone who genuinely loves you will go through the extra effort to reach out when it’s challenging.

If a relationship is making you happy, you should try to maintain it.

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2. Constantly prepared to give up after every conflict. 

5 ways to know Fake Love in a Relationship

This goes to show how much they care about one another. That being said, every conflict has a solution.

If you’re the only one attempting to address conflicts or issues, it’s frequently an indication of emotional detachment. Of course, this is a huge indicator that a person has only pretend affection for you.

Whether the relationship succeeds or fails, they won’t really give a damn.

3. They don’t try to accommodate you 

Are you the one who always makes plans? inquire about the other person? take responsibility and everything else? If so, what adjustments, if any, is your partner making?

Where is their effort, exactly? Relationships and compromise go together like peas in a pod. Relationships are just like any other situation where putting out fewer efforts displays disinterest. 

A partner’s lack of effort is a universal indicator of apathy, so if you notice it in a relationship, you shouldn’t disregard it.

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4. Unconcern Passion and Indifference:


5 ways to know Fake Love in a Relationship

Whatever the other person does, you’ll be interested in it and feel involved, concerned, etc. 

Someone who consistently displays indifference isn’t involved, is probably distant, and is unsuited – not to mention undeserving – of a genuine relationship.

5. That intuition you get when you feel someone doesn’t truly love you:

5 ways to know Fake Love in a Relationship

The sixth sense, that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, usually comes to mind. This builds a picture of the lack of love that this girl or that guy has for you, along with all the other signs you will observe. 

They’re just with you because they don’t have a choice, or maybe it’s the money or some phoney excuse. Be truthful to yourself. Are you idly passing the time? Money? Energy?

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