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5 ways to raise your children school fees

by Family Center

 As children, wards prepare to resume back to school, it is important that parents should also prepare their mind for the prompt payment of school fees.

Below are five ways to raise the much-needed fund at this particular time of economic crisis.

Salary advance: This is probably one of the easiest ways to get money to pay your children fee. You have been working in this organization for many years and asking for salary advance shouldn’t be a problem. This will help you off-set the bill

Get a bank loan: This also comes handy as you can ask your bank for a loan which you must use strictly for the purpose it would be collected for.

Get a loan from your office Cooperative: This is another easy and great means of raising money for your children school fees. This will even be better for you with the way the money will be deducted from your salary since you can spread it to as many months as you wish. On the long run, it will have little or no effect on your take home at the end of the month

Remind your husband in time: It is high time you spoke to your husband about it. Men usually forget things easily but once you remind him, he will be able to get the fees paid.

Talk to your friends: If getting the school fee paid is becoming very difficult, then talk to your friends. Don’t look down on anyone here, the person you least expect might be the one to render that help you are looking for.

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Delay buying the next Aso Ebi: That you don’t buy this next aso-ebi doesn’t reduce you to anything. You have always been buying; this one will do nothing to you. That money you see as small will go a long way to settle part of the bills if not all

Sell off things you don’t need: What is the essence of gold in different karats when you have not paid your children fees? Check your house for things you are not using or you have in excess and sell them off.



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