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5 Ways To Worsen Your Period

by Family Center

5 Ways To Worsen Your Period

You may say that your period is a normal feature of your woman cycle. But do you know that you may reduce the pains and rigors that comes with it?

1. Junk Foods
It has become a normal part of what several people take. They have forgotten that it fast food fast trouble. Do not make junks a part of your eating habit as it always have a way it tells on your health. It will always affect your menstrual cycle. Too much salt contributes as well to water retention and bloating. When you also take in several diary products, then you are generally worsening your cramps.

2. Skipping Protein
For some they don’t always like to have protein in their meals. When they do, they feel that it is something that is very bad for them. So healthy proteins like fish, nuts and seeds, chickens can work for all. When the pain comes, it is normal for you to turn to carbohydrate foods, but when you do that, then do not forget that you need protein as well.5-ways-worsen-period

3. Living a sedentary lifestyle
When the cramps comes, it is normal for you to say that you want to skip your work outs and also be gentle to yourself. But you need that exercise so that you can get the body moving and the flow easier.

Don’t overdo it as to much can lead to a nervous breakdown. So, stay active with plenty of light and moderate exercise.

4. Manage stress
Stress is a harder thing to manage. When you manage it, you can be well cautioned that you can manage your health as well. So, manage stress during your period more so that you can indeed be fine during the menstruation.

5. Alcohol
When you have to take alcohol always during your menstrual cycle, then it is possible for you to become addicted to becoming

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