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5 Why You Need To Smile Today

by Family Center

5 Why You Need To Smile Today
Just turn on the television to come across bad news in every way. Sometimes they happen in distant countries, others well on our side, in our own neighborhood. There are so many that we come to think that in the world there is only room for sadness and unhappiness. This is not true!

Although everything seems to conspire against us and against our joy of living there are many reasons why we can find joy every day.

When we focus only on the bad things that happen to us or are around us, everything really gets gray and lifeless. But when we allow ourselves a time to think, we can quickly point out so many good things, motives that only think about our souls.

The secret is to allow yourself to do this exercise before you fill your head with bad and negative thoughts.

1. Think about your family
No matter how big you are, whether they are near or far, whether they are blood from your blood or are bound by the heart, they are your life story. They respond greatly to who you are today. They are part of a great joy. They are certainly not perfect, but this imperfection allows you to grow together and work to be better. Because they are already a great reason for happiness.

2. Look at the world outside
What a beautiful thing to enjoy! Just to observe the beauties of nature a smile naturally appears on our lips. There are so many beauties to behold: the singing of birds, the sunset closing another day, the different species of trees and plants, everything that makes the world more beautiful for you to be inside.

3. Your life
She is certainly not perfect, no one’s, but she is yours! You have it and you can live as you see fit. Making good choices can be your priority every decision, every day. That alone is already a great reason to smile!

4. Your Legacy
Everything we do, the decisions we make each day, leave marks, trace our legacy to future generations that come after us and to humanity. Your story, everything that you are, made or built and still can be, make or build is a great privilege.

5. Possibilities
If so far your life story is not the best or the most exciting you can still smile because there is a new possibility of change happening in the next minute and in the following as well. Life is full of new possibilities that allow us to meet happy moments, just take the first step.

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