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5 Worthwhile Things Your Kids Will Remember

by Family Center

5 Worthwhile Things Your Kids Will Remember
Life is in phases and men in sizes. This statement defines how fast time fly’s and how events turn into moments. Is it possible for your kids to remember the lovely moments you had both shared?

1. You Protected them
There are times when you had protected your kids from one form of danger or the other. This dangers are what will ring a memory in their heart and mind. Those days when when you held them while they cried from feeling so sick.

And every time their heart broke, you would always be there with a warm hug and a tub of ice cream to help them heal. You sacrificed your sleep and energy for the their sake, and they will never forget that. Trust me, you have done a lot to make them remember.

2. Your Advice
Your advice are immeasurable as they will last now, and into the future. You may never have the answers to some questions, but the way you respond to those questions of his will never be forgotten. Whether or not they follow your advice or, it always sticks with them.

3. Extra time of fun and others
When your kids remember that you came for opening ceremony or the sporting activity that meant a lot then you have won a place in her heart. Your support means a lot to them.

4. Moments you laughed together
I could remember those years we spent together laughing about a little family matter that meant a lot to me. These joyful, happy memories are powerful and stay with everyone through life. Memories full of laughter are the ones your children will cherish the most.

5. Praying
Praying has a lot of impacts on your children. I could remember when thought how to pray then. Those prayer points have a lot of impact on them. They will also fasten on in the beliefs that you had brought them up in. Those beliefs shows a greater character of you that they had never seen before.

Do not forget that it is possible to leave some indelible marks on the hearts of your minds. Those moments have a way to repeat back into their minds like a video camera. Be rest assured that if you had done one or more of the above, then you will surely have a place in their heart.

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