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5 Wrong Approaches to Infidelity in Marriage

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5 Wrong Approaches to Infidelity in Marriage

Marriage is an honourable thing. It is something that evokes laughter and inner fulfilment. But infidelity is a snare that crawls into a blessed marriage. Because of infidelity in marriage, many marriages have been crushed under its heavy weight.


5 Wrong Approaches to Infidelity in Marriage

Moreover, many wives take the wrong step in tackling infidelity. Immediately they notice that their husband is having an affair outside the matrimonial home, they jump on the husband. By this act, many wives push their husbands out of the home without knowing it.

Here are five approaches you should never consider when dealing with the issue of infidelity in marriage.

Open Brawl

A physical confrontation with your husband over infidelity is tantamount to losing the man completely to another woman outside the home. Don’t involve in a physical confrontation with your husband, even to the extent of going physical with him. Note this, when you go physical with your husband, there is the high possibility that he will beat you up. So, fighting is not an option when you notice infidelity in your marriage.


When you go into an extramarital affair just to spite your spouse, you have unconsciously given yourself a more emotional injury. Two wrongs can never make a right.


Many people in a marriage have run into depression because of infidelity in their marriage. Most wives have fallen victim to emotional instability and negative thoughts have poisoned their chances of working out their married life with their husband. And you know, depression could cause a lot of health challenges so you must not die before your time.


Many wives and even some husband call it a day when they are confronted with infidelity in their marriage. Note, divorce is not the answer to infidelity. Settle it with God even on your knee and you will experience the wonder of a marital bliss.


This has gone beyond the open Brawl to murder. Because of infidelity or suspected infidelity in a marriage, the wife or the husband involve may resolve to murder the partner that is involved in infidelity. Overtime, news reports have reported a case of murder over infidelity in marriage. Be in control of your emotion, don’t let murder come to mind in case of suspected infidelity in your marriage.

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