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5-year-old cries “Mum I’ve been good” as mother strangles her

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5-year-old cries "Mum I've been good" as mother strangles her

Photos of a 5-year-old girl who cried “but I’ve been good” while her mother stabbed and strangled her to death for 30 minutes while believing the child was “evil” are available online.

The world has been shown images of a five-year-old Texas girl who screamed “but I’ve been good” as her mother stabbed and strangled her to death.

In devastating photographs shot prior to Nichole’s terrible murder by her mother Melissa Towne, 37, Nichole can be seen grinning.

In other shots, the mother and daughter are seen being photographed together before the terrible accident.

Following Melissa’s appearance on Sunday, October 16, with Nichole riding shotgun in the car, at a hospital in Tomball.

5-year-old cries “Mum I’ve been good” as her mother strangles her

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The youngster had injuries on her face and neck and was wrapped in a laundry mesh bag.

A knife similar to the one her mother had in her pocket had been used to sever her throat. Nichole was an “evil” person, according to Melissa, who acknowledged killing her.

She claimed to have killed her in the woods because she “didn’t want to deal with her anymore.”

She claimed to have strangled the girl as she cried out, “But I’ve been good,” to the cops. Melissa instructed her daughter not to “fight her,” disobeying her daughter’s cries for help.

According to police charge documents, the mother drove the youngster to a park with trees, where she sliced the girl’s throat.

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She strangled her as well as put a plastic bag over her head to suffocate her when she didn’t pass away. Melissa took her daughter’s body in a car and drove to a hospital.

She entered and yelled for assistance, telling the nurses that her body was “hurting” and that her daughter was in the car.

The youngster was later discovered inside the woman’s car when a nurse awoke outside. Her throat had been cut, and her head was covered in plastic.

It is still unknown why Melissa was watching the girl on Sunday; a judge set her bond at $15 million on Monday.

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