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50 Different Ways To Refine Your Closet And bathroom

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50 Different Ways To Refine Your Closet And bathroom
Synonymous with beauty and organization, owning a closet at home is the desire of many, and can guarantee a more practical routine for the rhythm of everyday life. Simply put, it allows clothes and accessories to be organized in their proper places, making it easy to dress.

Besides guaranteeing functionality to the old wardrobe, it still adds refinement to the property, adding value to it. The sizes can be varied and can be designed in an environment of more modest or ample measures.

If the space is considerable, a good option is to mix the closet with the bathroom, ensuring more practical when changing clothes, and more convenience in bringing together two environments in one space.

Within the care required for this integration to be successful, it is worth stressing the need for good ventilation and that the shower area is completely insulated, avoiding excessive moisture, which can result in damage to clothing and accessories.

Check out a selection of beautiful closets with integrated bathroom and add more practicality and beauty to your home:

1. With double sink and comfortable colorful rugs

2. The wall separates the tubs from the bathtub

3. The countertop ensures space for the carved sink and accommodates accessories

4. The two environments in one space

5. The closet was installed in the hallway leading to the bathroom

6. The sink integrates with the cabinets

7. A bathroom with a distinct layout

8. Closet with closed doors and assorted niches

9. Only one wall separates the bathroom closet

10. Facilitating access to clothes after bathing

11. A good tip is to use the same flooring in both environments

12. Luxurious combination: wood and marble

13. Add mirrors and a comfortable rug leaves the environment cozier

14. Side by side

15. What about adding a mirror port to separate the two environments?

16. The carpet helps to delimit spaces

17. Add an old dresser as a stylish countertop to the tub

18. Bet on custom lighting for a more welcoming environment

19. Sliding doors are great options to separate the two environments

20. Here only the shower area and toilet are separated

21. Very stylish in a contemporary setting

22. Work Mirrors and Decorated Ceiling

23. Large closet, with shelves and various drawers

24. Neutral tones and a lot of refinement in this integrated environment

25. The dark wood is responsible for the extra charm

26. A good idea is to use the same bathroom stone in the central cabinet …

27. … or choose the same joinery for both environments

28. Lots of marble for a luxurious bathroom

29. Relaxed atmosphere, with vibrant woodworking

30. Highlight for the beautiful coating chosen for the walls of the bathroom

31. The bathtub becomes the center of the integrated environment

32. A great choice to separate her closet from his closet.

33. In shades of gray, with marble on the counter and on the floor

34. Well-planned lighting makes a difference

35. The closet was positioned between the two benches

36. Same style of joinery in both environments

37. Closet with mirrored look and bathroom in the background.

38. The closet containing intimate items was positioned next to the shower stall

39. Cozy and very stylish look

40. Keeping the same color chart is a good request.

41. Closet with doors for a breathtaking look

42. Abusing white color for more refinement and breadth

43. Ideal option for those who are not afraid to dare

44. Wood in its natural tone and vibrant tone

45. Room with separate cutout, integrating bedroom, closet, and bathroom

46. The beauty of the marble stands out among the dark woodwork

47. Wood, mirrors and a comfortable armchair

48. Large bathroom with closet in the background

49. Shades of brown for a sober look

50. With cabinets in lacquered joiner

If you are looking for organization, practicality, and refinement, adding a bathroom closet to your home might be a good idea. Choose your favorite option and invest in this integrated environment!

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