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6 amazing tricks to give your hair a lot of shine

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6 amazing tricks to give your hair a lot of shine
What woman does not like to have her hair shiny and beautiful? In fact, this is a concern of many women and keeping them like this is something possible, believe me!

Some attitudes we have daily can influence the brilliance and beauty of our hair, knowing what to do to keep them radiant will transform the beauty of your hair and you will still receive several compliments.

1. Rinse with cold water
You may have heard that washing your hair with hot water will damage your glow and scalp. Truth! The very hot water does not do well for the health of the hair, since the cold water provides brightness because it closes all the scales of the wire.

Taking a cold bath in the summer is easy, but in winter it gets more complicated. On these occasions then choose at the end of the bath to give a last rinse with the cold water. You will notice the difference.

2. Drying with the foil
Drying the hair by rubbing with the towel will damage the wires. Opens the scales, provides breakage and removes all glare. Squeeze the hair before using the towel to draw as much water as you can and then with the help of the towel just gently dry the hair without rubbing. You will ensure more brightness.

3. Dryer temperature
Again the hot temperature damaging the beauty of the wires. If it is to use the dryer or even the flat iron you prefer a not so hot temperature. And for those cases you really need to use, before you finish transfer to a cool temperature and pass the jet of cold air through your hair in order to ensure the shine.

4. Properly choose shampoo and conditioner
Not all products are suitable for all types of hair and this should be clear. Some products simply should not be used by those who have more oily threads, for example, because they leave the hair dull and dull. Buying products that fit your specific hair type ensures that they are always beautiful.

5. Frizz Control
In those days where the hairs are full of frizz they are also lackluster therefore controlling the frizz of the hairs helps to keep them brighter and silky. For this there are specific products that can be used to prevent frizz and return the shine to the hair.

6. Cutting
The double tips and dry ends help to lose the shine of the hair, for this reason to always keep the cut in day is fundamental for those who want healthy and shiny hair.

Their food, sleeping nights, medicines also interfere with the health and beauty of the hair. Maintaining good health habits will help you have wonderful hair.

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