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6 Benefits of Sleep for Your Life

by Family Center

6 Benefits of Sleep for Your Life
Sleeping is one of the most beneficial activities for human health, according to a series of studies conducted around the world.

Science, in fact, still seeks to understand what leads the body to such regenerating states during the hours of sleep, but the fact is that the human organism needs these hours so that it can function properly by performing the various vital functions. That is why we may be so irritable and irritable when we get a little sleep.

Some sleep benefits can be felt over the long term, but others are quite noticeable on a day to day basis, such as those listed below.

1. Who sleeps the most, remembers more and better
Apparently, people who manage to spend more hours a day on sleep have a more powerful and detailed memory.

Some studies even indicate that learning a new skill is more beneficial when you can combine study with sleep because in this way the brain absorbs what you have learned better, as if practicing the new knowledge while you sleep.

2. Who sleeps the most, lives longer
If you have heard your grandmother or an older person say that each night of lost sleep equals one week less than life, know that the essence of this statement is quite correct.

According to a 2010 study involving women aged 50 to 79, researchers found that there were more deaths among those who slept less.

3. Who sleeps more, is less likely to suffer from various diseases
Once again, the surveys speak for themselves. One has shown that inflammatory proteins in the blood are higher in people who sleep little. These proteins are directly related to problems such as stroke, arthritis, premature aging and heart disease, for example.

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4. Who sleeps the most, is more creative
Needless to say, a rested mind works best. Just watch what happens when you are trying to solve a complicated problem at the end of a tiring day: things do not seem to have a solution, but a good night’s sleep is enough to make everything clear as water and you can finally get rid of the situation.

The same goes for creativity – during sleep, the brain recovers from the information acquired during the day and manages to find new hypotheses for various things.

5. Who sleeps the most, gets better grades
Sometimes, however much a subject is studied, it seems that the mind simply can not assimilate it. What you have to do, in these cases, is to go to sleep, instead of wasting many hours of sleep insisting on the matter. Research has shown that students who act in this way get better grades.

6. Who sleeps the most, weighs less
Yes, even in weight loss sleep is able to help. This is because the brain sector responsible for sleep is the same that governs the metabolism. When you feel sleepy-and go to sleep-the brain interprets it as if you are hungry and suddenly you eat. The satiety of sleep is as important as that of eating, therefore.

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