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6 certain tests that indicate that you have bad breath, but only you do not realize

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6 certain tests that indicate that you have bad breath, but only you do not realize
It is difficult to identify bad breath because people do not normally feel the stench coming from their mouths. This is because of olfactory fatigue.

A dental surgeon explains that because of the proximity of the mouth with the nose, olfactory cells become accustomed to the smell of bad breath. It is as if you entered a residence that walls have been painted recently, you feel the Smell of paint, but five minutes later he gets used to it and feels no more.

Difference between bad breath and halitosis
The biggest difference between halitosis and bad breath is the person’s ability to resolve the problem. For example, if after brushing teeth, flossing and mouthwash, the problem is not resolved over time, it is possible that it is suffering from halitosis and not just bad breath.

Here are some of the tests you can do to identify bad breath or halitosis:

1. Ask someone close to you
The most effective and quick way to identify the bad smell in your mouth is to ask someone close to you. If you’re embarrassed to ask, just notice the way people act next to you.

If they sniff their noses, run a hand over their noses, or pull away when talking to you, it is a sign that you may have bad breath.

2. Lick your wrist
You can lick your wrist, wait for the saliva to dry and smell. If the smell is unpleasant, it is very likely that you have bad breath.

3. You feel a strange taste in your mouth
It is common to feel a strange taste in the mouth after eating foods with strong smells. Strong smell may be present in your breath as well. So if you feel a strange taste in your mouth it may be you have bad breath.

4. Floss
You can check your breath with a floss. Floss your teeth and smell. If the dental floss has a bad smell, this may be the smell people feel when talking to you.

5. Use a spoon
Scrape the spoon back on your tongue, if a white layer comes out it is quite likely that you are having bad breath.

According to WebMD , these are some causes of bad breath

Use of tobacco.


A condition called Dry Mouth.

Respiratory infections.

Stones in the amygdala.

Reflux or ulcer.

Best Ways to Prevent Bad Breath
Have a good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth daily, floss and mouthwash.

Visit your dentist regularly, at least twice a year.

Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco.

Drink a lot of water.

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