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6 golden tips for you to leave your hair smooth perfect

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6 golden tips for you to leave your hair smooth perfect-dailyfamily.ng

6 golden tips for you to leave your hair smooth perfect
Straight hair is undoubtedly the most successful among women who seek lightness and practicality for day to day. But many are still afraid to turn in the chemicals to straighten the wires, such as progressive brushes and seals.

Many factors can interfere with the smoothness of the hair and some tactics that start from the washing can make the wires smoother and with a movement of envy.

The drained hairs always need special attention since they can not be burned, they can not have double ends and can not have frizz apparent. If you are looking for a perfect straight hair with life and natural look then you need to check out these six golden tips that will make your hair smooth and lively.

Here are the golden tips for you to make your hair smooth. Enjoy and implement them

1. No low temperatures
The fear of using high temperatures in the hair causes many women to leave the plaque on the bass and thus have to pass it more times in the same wick, which causes damage to the wires.

Leave the temperature on what is best suited for your hair, so two passes of chapa per wick will suffice.

2. Model in the old way
Using a flat iron or drier to model the wires with waves greatly disturbs the wires.

So, model it the old way: with bobes. They are easy to find and well priced, moreover, work very well.

3. Use a cold jet always
After drying the hair with a punch or using the iron in warmer temperatures, give a strong jet of cool air in the locks. This will bring protection and glare to smooth wires.

4. Use anti-rust shampoos to have perfectly straight hair
This kind of type should be used whenever washing the hair, as it has the function of eliminating creams or products previously used.

And always abuse the conditioner so that a protection is created and the little hat does not hit so much.

5. Do not use oils
Never use repairing oils before brushing or ironing. If you want to pass some product, choose the ones that have thermal protection.

They will protect the hair and prevent hair from frying when ironing.

6. Make nightclothes to conquer perfect smooth hair
These are those caps made with clips that wrap around the hair and make the wigs sleep more straight.

Sleeping with a cap will make you not have to take a shower in the morning, protecting and improving the wires.

Try out this golden tips and improve your hair so that you can indeed be very happy at the way you would turn out to be. You may wish to try out one or more of the above tips depending on the texture and composure of your hair.

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