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6 Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

by Family Center

6 Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast
I know it’s difficult to lose weight. There is no miracle. To send those unwanted pounds though you will need discipline and a lot of willpower, but the effort is worth it. You will feel more beautiful and your health will be better. There is no money that pays to get back to wearing a pair of smaller pants!

So here are some important habits for those who want to lose weight, which must be followed for a lifetime:

1. Do not run out of exercises
Let the laziness aside and start practicing some physical activity, be it walking the streets near your home or starting to play a sport. Besides helping to lose weight, the exercises bring other benefits, do well for the heart, pressure and release pleasure hormones.

The bill seems relatively simple, the fewer calories you ingest and the more you spend, the easier it will be to lose weight.

2. Make a food journal
This is the first thing nutritionists suggest we do. So you can know your own habits and know where you are wrong. The diary will help you to have more control of what you eat and also to write down your achievements.

3. Avoid Distractions
How many times have you devoured a treat in front of the television or computer without realizing that you had eaten everything? Make feeding time a pleasure, turn off the television, chew the food well, drop the cutlery after each fork and as soon as the meal is off the table, do not fall for the temptation to repeat a little more.

4. Have healthy options always at hand

Feed yourself every three hours, before you get that overwhelming hunger. That way, you will have time to think about what to eat.6-habits-will-help-lose-weight-fast

Always have healthy options for snacks such as fruits, yogurts and natural products. So, you will not need to go in search of a coxinha and soda in the nearest diner!

5. Read the labels
“Be wary of everything that comes with bar codes” this is the mantra of the famous Paleolithic diet. You do not have to be so radical, but always prefer to prepare your own meals. If you read carefully the label on ready or frozen foods, you will see that they have numerous preservatives and are generally high in sodium and fat.

Make simple changes instead of buying a ready-made can foods, try to make them yourself.

6. Eat more fiber
They help in the proper functioning of the intestine and to do a real cleaning in your body. The fibers are present in vegetables, vegetables and whole foods.

Make a habit of eating rice and whole-grain breads, as well as oat bran and flaxseed for food. All this combined with the intake of 2 liters of water per day will bring several benefits to your health.

Much more than an aesthetic question, you will be taking care of your body, which is the greatest good you have here on Earth!

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