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6 Helpful Tips For Couples Whose Partners Snores

by Family Center
All you need to know about snoring and its management

6 Helpful Tips For Couples Whose Partners Snores
So if you are going through this in your marriage, take the following steps:

1. If the problem is with the partner, talk to the partner
Snoring can have several causes and one of them is sleep apnea, which is a respiratory arrest caused by the closing of the pharynx causing difficulty in oxygenation of the blood. So it can be an important warning sign.

Deal gently with your partner. Explain that he is snoring heavily and that this can be a physical or emotional health problem. Encourage him to seek a doctor and check the risk factors for snoring as well as its effects on the body

2. If you are the snorer
If you are the partner who snores and is already aware of this, you should do your best to get around the problem for the well-being of the partner and the relationship. Therefore, seek medical advice.

3. Weight
Nature has not prepared anyone to be obese. When we are overweight, the fat cells will also form in the region of the pharynx, making it difficult to pass air and causing a noisy vibration.

4. Formation of the respiratory system
Check for risk factors such as adenoids, large tonsils, tongue base indentation and septal deviation and even craniofacial constitution – such as withdrawn chin that can aggravate snoring.

5. Gastroesophageal reflux
This is one of the problems that can lead to snoring as well as to other more serious problems like Barrett’s esophagus.

6. Avoid bad habits
Alcohol and cigarette irritate the pharynx, causing it to swell and, of course, causing the snoring. You should also avoid sleeping on a full stomach and stomach upwards, which causes the tongue to retract and close the passage of air. Sleeping aside is the best way to ease breathing.

Apnea can have health consequences such as high blood pressure, heart problems and sudden death that can only be detected by your doctor. Do not hesitate to consult it.

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