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6 Important Things you must give to Your Adult Children (Part 1)

by Anjorin Dare

Every child needs parents, that is why they are called children, and the number one feature of children is dependency,  But when your children grow up, they can no longer snuggle up in your lap or expect mom to tuck them in when they are sick. But they still needed parents. So much of life’s tough issues cannot be dealt with alone.

Perhaps your children may not be able to lean on you for physical help, but they still need you emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here are six important things your children still need from you at any age in life:

6 Important Things you must give to Your Adult Children (Part 1)

6 Important Things you must give to Your Adult Children


  1. Your Acceptance

This world is a fierce place. Friends stab us in the back and communities turn their backs on us. Family should be the place where members are accepted. This does not mean a parent has to agree with a child’s choices, however, to be accepted. This doesn’t mean that parents can’t express their feelings about their child’s choices. But the reality is, once a child reaches adulthood, they are on their own. They make their choices (good and bad ones) apart from their parents.

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Parents must understand their children are grown ups. Unlike when they were kids, a parent can’t pick them up, wipe their tears and kiss their boo-boos and flogged them. Acceptance is a great way to show a child they are important, no matter what.

2. Your Approval

Goodness relates to moral character and is an aspect of spiritual formation. Goodness is one of the fruits of the Spirit. A Christian parent’s job is to help develop the fruits of the Spirit within their child.

Therefore, approval means you approve of them, not their choices. After Jesus’ baptism, Jesus’ father publicly approved of him, “This is my son, whom I love, with Him I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17). I can imagine the joy that must have been for Jesus to hear his Father say that about him to others. How much more would an adult child like to hear their parents publicly approve of who they are. Even if the child has made some mistakes, they still want to hear their parents say they are loved and have received their approval.


3. Your Love

So often in society, we base love on the feelings we feel at the time. Yet, love is an action and a choice, not just a feeling. A parent must choose to love their children, despite their actions. A parent that can separate their feelings from their choice to love will continue to foster their adult child’s growth, both emotionally and spiritually. Not only that, but they can also leave a legacy of love for their descendants as well. When they see their parent interacting in a positive way with their adult child, the grandchild will want to foster that same relationship with theirs.

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