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6 Important Things You must give to your Adults Children (Part 2)

by Anjorin Dare

In the first part of this article, we discussed some things that you must give to your adult children as parents. Furthermore, below are the other things you must continue to give to your children regardless of their age in life.

6 Important Things You must give to your Adults Children (Part 2)

6 Important Things You must give to your Adults Children

4. Your Advice

Even when your child has become a parent, they still need your advice. In taking decisions, acquiring properties, and taking risks, your children needs your advice, they are taking a route similar to where you have been and your experience here serves as a roadmap. No matter how old they get, you have been through it all. Loss of a spouse, failed business, and bankruptcy are just a few of the trials a parent might have faced in life has faced in his life. A good child will always consider a parent’s advice because one in the world wants best for you more than your parents.


5. Your Experience

I am tempted to title this “Talk or Time” Not only do children need a parent’s guidance, but they also need their wealth of wisdom. It’s one thing for a parent to give advice, or knowledge; it is quite another to get a parent’s perspective on the lessons they have learned over their lifetime.

I wish I could have written down the stories my father told me about his struggles to becoming a relevant person in life.  My mom had been through a lot in her life, too, but she was quiet about her life and didn’t speak much about her past, I learnt most of her experiences from my father.

If you have a good relationship with your children, take a moment to sit down and answer questions about their history. Write it down if you can. Preserve the past so that they can continue to learn from those mistakes and not be doomed to repeat them.


6. Your Guidance

When I was a child, I feared telling my parents about a problem I was having, worried I would be punished or scolded for getting myself into that situation, however; as an adult, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. It still is good to bend a parent’s ear whenever there is a problem a child cannot solve.

It is simply the best to discuss a problem with your parent, and at best, they may be able to help you figure out what to do next. Parents have experiences unique to them; it is wise of adult children to ask them about those experiences.

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