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6 little lies that every wife says to her husband

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6 little lies that every wife says to her husband
The coexistence of years between husband and wife makes them both know each other very well, after all, they have gone through many situations together. Still, sometimes women use little lies to please their husbands and make the relationship even better.

They are harmless and most of the time they do not believe it, but they do believe they just make them happier.

1. Blouses on sale
Put some husbands to talk and everyone will find out quickly how their wives are economical when it comes to buying some extra blouses to make up their wardrobe, after all they always come home with a little bag saying that those pieces were on sale, It was a must see!

2. Old Shoe
Another harmless little lie. To buy a shoe without the husband knowing, to use it for the first time and when the husband asks never to have noticed in that footwear the wife rebates saying that he is very inattentive, that in several times she has already worn that shoe, or, it says that Is an old shoe and does not like that pair very much.

3. Eat before you leave
There are those who still do it even after they are married. Without her husband realizing she makes a superlanchinho at home and when they arrive at the restaurant she, to appear thin and delicate, says that she is not hungry and wants to keep the weight.

4. Spend extra money
Women are reputed to love shopping, and for most of them this is in fact real. From time to time they go beyond what they could afford and end up quietly being questioned by their husbands.

5. Lying the weight
Women are eternal sufferers when it comes to the scales. Usually they hate to reveal their weight, especially to husbands. When, for some reason, they question it, they always decrease a few pounds, so they can keep their self-esteem higher.

6. Hide chocolate
Some women I know have their secret hiding places when it comes to chocolate. They buy for them and simply hide, and their husbands do not know where the hiding place is, and if they ask about a sweetheart, they pretend they do not understand each other.

Lying is neither acceptable nor virtuous, over time, in casual conversation, many couples laugh out loud at these little lies that wives tell their husbands.

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