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6 Major Challenges Of Parenting Teens

by Oba Samuel

6 Major  Challenges Of Parenting Teens

-By Bisi Adewale
There are many challenges Parents’ face when raising Teens. Every parent one time or the other will have to face them. If you know how to handle them well; you will keep your Teen out of trouble.
Check this powerful quote by Dr Phil .6 Major  Challenges Of Parenting Teens
“There are thousands of voices in the ears of our children and our challenge, as parents, is to make sure that ours is the loudest”
Yes,do everything to make your voice loudest in the ears of your children and avoid trouble with them in future. 6 Major  Challenges Of Parenting Teens
1) EARLY SEXUALIZATION: Statistics all over the world today shows how many Teens are exposed to Sex at very early age. Some as early as age-13,with many getting addicted to sex.
It’s a very major challenge every parent will have to face. 6 Major  Challenges Of Parenting Teens
WHAT TO DO: Let your Child know that sex is not meant  for Teens but for the married.Open your Child up to adequate sex education,this will help greatly. 6 Major  Challenges Of Parenting Teens
2)ASSOCIATION: Friendship is another challenge every parent will face. Your Child will have to face peer pressure as a Teen except you go into the moon to raise him.
WORK TO DO: Open up your children to deep teaching about friends and friendship. Let them know the value of positive friendship and the danger of negative one. 6 Major  Challenges Of Parenting Teens

Above all,pray for your children about their friends and divinely set them up for Godly friends.
3) SOCIAL MEDIA: Internet and social media is another battle facing Teens today. Lots of Teenagers are been influenced on the net while cyber bully is strong in town. Socialization is having another definition as it moved to the Net. Connections for drug,sex,violence,occultism,gang war,sexual violence and connection with unknown opposite sex etc is been done through the net.
WHAT TO DO: Let your child know the danger associated with social media. You too have to get up,upgrade yourself get to know more about the social media. You can’t be an analog parent and raise digital Children successfully.
4) ALCOHOL AND DRUG: Lots of Teens are getting hooked on drug and alcohol. This is destroying the life of many of them and it is the foundation of many violent crimes among Teens.
WHAT TO DO: Don’t keep quiet,speak out,tell your children about the danger of alcohol and drug. Pray against alcohol and drug abuse in the life of your Children too.
5) NEGATIVE BEHAVIORS: Some Teen do suddenly develop negative behaviors like lying,stealing,oversleeping,violence,laziness,and disobedience etc These sudden change in behaviors do hurt Parents greatly.
WHAT TO DO: Pray against strange spirit not to take hold of your child. Correct them in love,pray for them,show them love and open them up to the word of God.
6) RELATIONSHIP WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX: Adolescence age is the time all Teens begin to have feelings for the opposite sex,they want to have relationship and think of having sex.This sudden desire often open up this little ones to endless troubles. They begin to steal to meet up with the financial demand of their relationships.This make them tell lies,their academic life begin to suffer and begin to abandon all the values inculcate  into them over the years by their parents.
WHAT TO DO: Teach your Children right things about relationship and its timing.
– Get quality and Godly books on relationship,sex and friendship for your Children.I will recommend these books by me:
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All these books will help your Children to know the truth about relationship and sex thereby avoids the pitfall that destroyed many Youths.
Parents should download these books
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