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6 Mistakes people make when Decorating a Small Apartment

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6 Mistakes people make when Decorating a Small Apartment
Do you know what the secret is that the place you live in is a home? To feel in a home, simple like that. This means that the size of your apartment does not influence the comfort you will have, but it is interesting to be attentive when decorating a small apartment to make it more cozy and visually more spacious.

The following are going to talk about the 6 most common mistakes people make when decorating small apartments and how to avoid them.

1. Housekeeping of furniture
The excitement at the moment of decorating the apartment is very common, however, you should not go out there buying everything that is in the stores.

The main mistake people make when planning small spaces is exactly not planning. Think how bad it is to move around in rooms that do not have space because of a lot of useless items.

How to avoid this.
Make a list of the furniture needed for each room in your apartment.

Follow the logic of the shopping list, avoid leaving at random without being sure what to buy.

Look for functional and smart furniture that meets your demands and does not occupy the entire space of the rooms.

2. Have many shelves open
Continuing in the furniture chapter, it is important to take care not to have a very large number of open type shelves.

These shelves may end up leaving the look of your apartment very loaded, as it is normal to want to fill the spaces with decor items.

If space is small it is essential to understand that less is more.

How to avoid this 
For those who have many open shelves, the trick is to try to turn them into cupboards.

However, if you can not afford the joiner’s job, you can use curtains and other tricks to “close” these spaces so that they will less influence the final look of your apartment.

3. Many home appliances
The kitchen can turn into visual chaos if you do not control yourself when it comes to buying appliances. Think, are you really going to use a popcorn or a bake machine often?

Apart from being an extra expense, you will still have to solve the kitchen equation with little space and turn around to decorate a small overcrowded apartment.

How to avoid this
For those who read this item and began to question the amount of appliances they own, you can advertise them on the internet and sell them.

Think you can buy bread at the nearest bakery without the need for a bread machine at home. In addition, you can rely on built-in appliances in the wall to save space.

4. Have many floor lamps
Mistakes you can avoid when decorating a small apartment.

When decorating a small apartment remember that you need to save space.

Therefore avoid any item that can take space from your rooms as floor lamps.

In addition to being on the floor, these items still require a space so that they can be admired in the decoration.

How to avoid this
To ensure good lighting in your apartment, the tip is to opt for lamps in the ceiling.

Counting on spots, which are tiny light cannons and built-in lamps, it is possible to create a very interesting lighting climate without necessarily spending too much.

5. Use many dark colors
Colors you need to avoid in decorating small environments.

Do you know that old fashionable maxim, that dark clothes make people visually slimmer as light colors increase the circumference of the body?

It’s worth it to decorate a small apartment as well, if you keep many walls and darker-colored ambience ends up creating a sense that the rooms are visually smaller.

The light colors allow you to leave the environments wider visually.

How to avoid this
To make your apartment, even small, seem broader, the tip is to invest in walls and decor items with light colors.

This will create a sense of breadth, a trick that will help in the feeling of comfort at home.

6. Do not think about the apartment to meet the needs.
Mistakes in the decoration of small apartment.

One very common mistake people make today is not to think that the apartment should be functional according to their needs.

For example, it may be cool to have many books, but if you know you will not read all of them it might be worthwhile donating the items that are left over, right?

How to avoid this
Think about what activities you want to do in your apartment, if you want to receive your friends it is good to plan the room to have sofas and chairs for everyone.

However, if you spend a lot of time away from home and do not get many people at the same time, you can give up those items.

We are sure you will do very well in decorating a small apartment!

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