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6 Mistakes That Leads To A Premature Aging Of Your Face

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6 Mistakes That Leads To A Premature Aging Of Your Face
These mistakes are probably also part of your everyday life:

1. Low hydration
Drinking lots of water is important to maintain the health of our entire body, including the skin on our face. Have you thought about it? A little hydrated skin is resected, more prone to wrinkles and expression marks. So from now on it pays to pay more attention to the amount of daily water you have consumed in order to better take care of the skin on your face as well.

2. Sleep in makeup
Really sometimes gives a lazy come home and still have to remove all the makeup you used to leave, but when laziness appears think of how good you will be doing it yourself if you miss a few minutes taking that job. Lost minutes now and gains in your looks in the future. Experts claim that sleeping makeup accelerates the aging of the skin.

3. Sleeping on the stomach
Do you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach? If so, think about how your face gets wrinkled on the pillow when you sleep like this. How many times did you wake up with the pillow marks on your face? Sleeping this way can constantly help create expression marks and they give the appearance of a more aged face.6-mistakes-that-leads-to-a-premature-aging-of-your-face

4. Use sunscreen only on the beach
The daily clarity already transmits UVA and UVB rays that accentuate the aging of the skin. If you are one of those who believes that the use of sunscreen is only for the vacation at the beach is very mistaken! Dermatologists are categorical in affirming the daily requirement of the sunscreen. It’s time to review the habits and adhere to the use of the filter.

5. Lack of rest
Sleeping late and getting up early is the routine of many. Besides the fatigue that this habit provides also contributes to the aging of the skin. During the sleep period our body produces hormones that aid in the viscosity of the skin. Try to sleep a little and see if your skin will not be opaque and with dark circles!

6. Low consumption of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are foods rich in antioxidants, important nutrient in the beauty of the skin. Watch your food and try to include fruits and vegetables of your choice every day to ensure brighter and healthier skin.

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