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6 physical symptoms of stress

by Family Center

6 physical symptoms of stress
Much is said about stress. People are increasingly being affected by this great evil that affects children, youth and adults.

However, contrary to popular belief, stress does not only cause irritation, lack of patience and bad mood, the symptoms go far beyond these and may even affect the physical and mental health of the stressed person. Some of this symptoms includes

1. Headache
Also known as tension headache , the stress headache is described as a pressure on the skull and can happen very often for people who are often exposed to stressful situations. When it occurs for a longer period of fifteen days it is known as chronic tension headache.

2. Gastrointestinal problems
If you’ve never felt that little pain in your belly before a stressful problem, be happy. The gastrointestinal problems are closely related to stress and crises ranging from intestinal colic, reflux, nausea among others.

3. Anxiety and nervousness

Not only are the symptoms of stress physical, they affect the emotional side in a disturbing way. Anxiety can lead to palpitations, weight gain and even ulcers.

4. Muscle tension
It may be one of the fastest signs of a stressed individual. Some muscles, especially those of the neck, become stiff and appear that horrible feeling of carrying a huge weight on the back. Do you have this symptom frequently? It’s time to review how you’ve been dealing with problems!

5. Hair Loss
Incredibly, even our hair bulb suffers from the consequences of stress. When we are stressed the hair bulb weakens and the wires fall more than normal.

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6. Allergies
According to studies conducted, stressed people increase the chances of developing allergic problems in general. This is because the release of adrenaline and cortisol in the body occurs during times of stress and may cause an allergic reaction.

Physical exercise, nutrition, self-knowledge, dialogue, and professional help are some ways to help lead a less stressed life.

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