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6 Reasons Not To Over Pamper Your Kids

by Family Center

6 Reasons Not To Over Pamper Your Kids
1. Trying to make them happy at all times.
Life is not place of fairy tale and that of fun. It is a place of more important work and seriousness. Although we will not tighten the world to the chest because we cannot get out of it alive, but we need to make them understand that it is filled with ups and down.

Make them understand that there is a room for everything, and each one has a role and importance. When they realize the rigors of life,m they will see that the interactions with others will be more than expected.

2. Complaints on authority
It is good to hear both sides of the matter before judging and then objectionable look and access the situation. When this is done, then you will be able to know if the authority should be questioned or not.

But when that basis is not founded, then it will be a big problem that may however hamper your child questioning other authority in the future. It is also good to know that authority is a big thing to your child, so handle it with care so that it does come back to you.

3. Showing a bad temper
When your kids shows some bad temper then it can be very annoying, but when added with some tantrums, then you need to drastic action to stop the anger then the tantrum.

If that is not curbed, then they will continue to get things out of hand and then do things that are uncalled for. If you give in to their anger and tantrums, then you will be yielding to the wimps and caprices of your kids.

4. Reward Everything
When everything your child does is rewarded, then he will say that life is just a give and take habit. If he refuses to eat the meal provided for all with no reason in mind, then he should be able to provide something else for himself and not you doing that for him/her.

5. Offer too much help
When that is done, then he will not be able to value life the way it should be. When he then gets too much help from he will expect everyone to show the same type of offer which will not be true.

When he learns that he needs to fill the glass that will quench his thirst himself, then he can get attuned to the real world.

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