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6 Reasons Why Women Want To Cheat

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6 Reasons Why Women Want To Cheat

6 Reasons Why Women Want To Cheat

No matter what the reason is or how many justifications you put forward, cheating in a relationship is bad. It’s one of the cardinal sins in life you do not cheat on your partner, spouse, or other half. If you don’t like the person or have trouble with them, you either sort it out or just leave.

What people don’t realize is that women are known to have cheated on their partners just as much as men have. While the causes for men are usually simple, figuring out women can be difficult.

Here are six reasons why a woman might cheat:

1. Trust issue

Women will always wholeheartedly trust you. They won’t question anything and will blindly believe everything you say. However, if you happen to break their trust once, then they become sceptical of everything.

They no longer will trust you and they develop these insecurity issues. As a result, they will try to take revenge on the husband or partner by doing the same thing they did to her; cheat.

Since her trust is broken, she will feel the need to hurt her man by cheating with somebody else.

2. Thrill

Everyone needs a bit of excitement in their lives. Nobody likes the same old routine of going to work, taking care of the family, and then repeating it again every day. Some people seek excitement a bit more than others.

This kind of woman won’t leave their husband because their husband is taking well care of them financially and have a stable home. Or they have a family she doesn’t want to break apart.

However, they will seek these thrills in other ways like going to clubs, flirting openly with men, and occasionally getting all physical with them.

3. Physical Satisfaction

Well, men are not the only ones who have physical demands. Women also require similar things. A lot of times, men become too lazy to be physical the way they used to be early on in their relationship or marriage.

Either they remain tired from a long day at the office or they just don’t have the same desire anymore. They just have intercourse and then fall asleep.

Women want that foreplay, the teasing, and the lust to become fully satisfied.

If her desires are not met then it is likely she will look for alternatives outside her marriage.

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4. Appreciated

This is somewhat similar to the previous point, but with slight variations. As much as men are said to have larger egos, it is women who crave recognition. It’s like an ego boost for them.

They want to hear how good they look, what a great dish they cooked, and how amazing life is with them in it. In most marriages, the spouse takes each other for granted, and thus all the appreciation and flirting stops.

So when she meets somebody who appreciates her, she feels loved again and gets tempted to cheat.

5. Feel Wanted

Most women crave the feeling of being wanted. They need constant attention and pampering to make themselves feel better. When they are with their husbands, life becomes monotonous, and whatever the husband used to do to make her feel special might have dried up.

As a result, we will often see women complaining about their hubbies forgetting their birthdays and anniversaries and how they don’t surprise them anymore. So if somebody else makes the woman feel special and makes her feel wanted, she will 9 times out 10 go on to cheat on her partner.

6. Emotional Connection

At least 90% of the men’s reasons for cheating have to be physical reasons. They couldn’t keep it in their pants. However, in most women’s cases, cheating is done due to a lack of emotional connection.

More often or not, women feel that they have lost the emotional spark they had with their partners.

Maybe their lives have become all about being the perfect wife and mother and she misses the little things that a man used to do for her.

So, if a woman feels this way and meets someone who connects with her emotionally, she will cheat.

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