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6 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Not Into You Anymore

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6 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Not Into You Anymore
Trust in a key factor in every given relationship. With trust, it can do a whole lot to Foster unity and peace. Well, if your boyfriend begins to change, then so many things will begin to change. Let’s consider some tips that it is time for you to exist the relationship at the next available bus stop.

1. Ignoring
You may say that it can happen at times, but when it does occur always, then there is a significant problem. So, try and know when he begins to ignore you.

2. He calls when he needs you
He calls you when he is hungry or craves for something else, then you need to careful. He may just want something under the skirt, and in self- pity when you give him, then there is a big problem. You just need to be very careful about what you do about that.

3. He gives flimsy excuses.
When asked why he is coming late home, he tells you that emm, emm, then he say a word or the next. This happens always, then you need to be very careful. The relationship may begin well, but be careful as the may begin to get ruined.

4. No future of the relationship
When you ask him what direction the relationship is heading to, he then makes fun of you and say that you want too much that you can bite. Be careful when he always does that.

5. He stalks his Ex
Whenever you are together, you realize that he just wants to talks about how she does something better than you. Or he goes to the social media to stalk her, then, you may need to thread with caution as there is something wrong.

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6. He finds no delight in telling others about you
When asked how is your girlfriend, he probably says that he is quite single and not emotionally attached to anyone at all. Or on the other hand he tries to change the question to something convenient for him. Then you may need to be careful.

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