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6 signs that your child is anxious and that most parents ignore

by Family Center

6 signs that your child is anxious and that most parents ignore
Until a few years ago, many believed that anxiety was only an adult thing and never considered that children could suffer from anxiety. The world, society, the media, technology and family transformation have been great detonators of social problems that have spawned epidemics of emotional problems in children.

Here are the 6 signs below to know that your baby is anxious.

1. Restless dreams and nightmares
He speaks sleeping, does not rest, does not want to go to bed, has nightmares, wants to sleep with you every night.

2. Do not want to eat
Or any other eating disorder, including getting the dreaded “pica syndrome”, ie eating inedible things like chalk, plastic, hair, nails, dirt, etc.

3. Pains in various parts of the body
Especially in the head and stomach, and then in the arms and knees.

4. Fears
Fear of being alone, of strangers, of going to school, of an animal; Anything that happens suddenly causes them fear and even terror.

5. Regression to behaviors already overcome
Bed-wetting, tantrums, wanting to suckle, change the way you talk, things you did when you were small and you left behind.

6. Mood swings
He cries, he becomes angry, he is sad, he is very sleepy, that kind of changes so constant that they can go from the extreme joy until crying and not being able to contain itself.

What you can do to help you

Make home a quiet place

No shouting, loud music, lots of excitement, lots of lights or lots of people, little privacy.

We need to be honest: If you are going through a problem, recognize it, talk about it at the level of your children, work on solutions and do not lose heart or faith. Children should learn that problems must be faced, faced, and conquered with effort and sacrifice, if necessary.

Leisure can also be a generator of stress and anxiety in very active children or who can not relax and rest easily. Changing or improving your diet and increasing physical activity can help you process the accumulated negative energy.

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