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6 Signs Of A Depressed Person

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6 Signs Of A Depressed Person
A depressive disorder is a disease with very negative effects that can affect how you feel, how you act and how you think. The American Psychiatric Association defines some of its symptoms, such as deep sadness, indifference to things that once brought joy, lack of energy, and an extremely low level of self-esteem.

It is common to relate depression to severe sadness, however, depression may present with many other symptoms, some of which are a little strange and may be confused with other conditions.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself, you may be suffering from depression without even knowing it. When not diagnosed correctly, depression can significantly affect your life, so it is important to know your manifestations correctly and seek professional help as soon as possible.

The zombie effect
If a person shows obvious signs of deep sadness, discouragement with life, or lack of energy, it is easy to assume that this person is possibly suffering from depression. But in certain cases, depression manifests itself in such a way that the person assumes a cold or absent position in situations that under normal circumstances would cause him or her joy or sadness.

This zombie effect or total lack of emotion, both negative and positive, is a clear feature of depression, according to the magazine Help Prevention.

You dive into social networks
According to a study published in the journal of Clinical and Social Psychology, there is a close relationship between depression and addiction in social networks. The study specifically talks about the amount of time people dedicate to Facebook.

People with high rates of depression can use social networks to escape reality or lack of real-life interactions. Anyway, overusing Facebook causes people with depression to compare their lives with the perfect life versions that are usually idealized on social platforms, which worsens depressive symptoms.

Modified sensitivity to rejection
We are all affected in some way by rejection, but if you feel that you are extremely sensitive to being rejected, this may mean something else. According to medical information page WebMD , people who suffer from atypical depression have more intense reactions to rejection, so that long-term results in serious problems within their social circles and work.

Extreme Indecision
It is difficult for you to make decisions such as: which shoe to use, which television program to watch, to eat an apple or a pear, etc.? We all feel distracted from time to time, but according to an article in Prevention magazine, when our cognitive processes are affected in such a way that making everyday decisions becomes a difficult task, this is a clear symptom that you may be suffering from depression.

You blame yourself for everything.
People with depression suffer from low self-esteem disorders. For this reason, studies have shown that those who suffer from depression tend to generalize external situations and reflect them on their personal value.

For example, when something goes wrong, they feel that without a doubt it is because they are not competent enough. The tendency to blame oneself for external things is a key symptom of depression.

Obsession for work
Some people react to depression by trying to mask the problem by plunging into their work or daily tasks. Specifically, men may become obsessed with their professional careers and women may become obsessed with caring for their children and their home.

Their lives start to function specifically for these purposes, and sometimes, without realizing it, they submerge themselves in these activities as a form of distraction from the depression they try to drown.

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