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6 strange things that happen to your body during menstruation

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6 strange things that happen to your body during menstruation-dailyfamily.ng

6 strange things that happen to your body during menstruation
If there is one thing we know is that every woman is different, and that includes the reactions of our body in the menstrual period.

While some of us pass peacefully through this period, barely noticing that they are menstruating, many women suffer from severe pain, swelling, and unsteady mood.

Although these are the most famous “side effects” of menstruation, they are not unique. Beyond them, there are other somewhat curious things that can happen to our body during this time.

Just like the most famous effects, these other effects also vary from woman to woman, so you may never have felt any of them. In any case, it is worth knowing of other changes that our body may experience during menstruation:

1. Your voice is different
If you do not use hormonal methods of contraception, know that your voice may change during the menstrual period, according to a survey conducted in Croatia and published this year.6 strange things that happen to your body during menstruation-dailyfamily.ng

According to a scientist, the voice of women may get a little more serious due to the changes in sex hormones that happens at this time of the month, but you do not have to worry. In addition to being transient, this change is almost imperceptible and probably only makes a difference for professional singers.

2. The mouth and jaw can also hurt
You already know that along with menstruation, we can feel cramps and pain in the breasts. What you may not know is that the hormonal changes of this period can also cause gum inflammation and tooth sensitivity.

As a result, you may experience pain in the mouth and even in the jaws – and spend years not knowing that this happens because of menstruation. In this case, the women who take the pill are the ones who suffer most, because this method reduces estrogen levels, a factor that is related to temporomandibular dysfunction.

3. Your tolerance for pain decreases
As if it were not enough to feel pain in the jaw, our tolerance to the pain diminishes during the menstruation, what makes the cólicas still worse and aggravates a migraine still more.

Again, the triggering factor of this effect is the drop in estrogen levels. The use of oral contraceptives can either help relieve pain or make it worse – it depends on the body of each woman.

4. Frequent use of the bathroom
Unsurprisingly, we were more likely to have to run into the bathroom to do the number 2 menstrual period. This is because the same substances that cause contractions in the uterus to expel blood are capable of causing this effect in the gut.

6 strange things that happen to your body during menstruation-dailyfamily.ng

In addition, during this period there is also a drop in progesterone, a hormone that causes constipation. As a result, the intestine becomes looser.

5. You can become more clumsy
If you do not feel your best motor coordination during the days of your period, stay calm. This is a normal and temporary effect that happens due to the feeling of tiredness.

Another factor that can make us more cluttered is fluid retention: besides accumulating in the abdomen and breasts, excess fluids can affect the brain, causing us to lose some balance.

6. Your sleep becomes more unstable
There are days when it really is not easy: apart from the pain, bleeding and loose bowel, we can still lose the quality of sleep when we are menstruating. The reasons for this are numerous and include the cramps, nausea and mood swings that accompany this period.6 strange things that happen to your body during menstruation-dailyfamily.ng

The problem is so relevant that according to the National Sleep Foundation, 23% of women report having trouble sleeping in the week before menstruation, while 30% have these difficulties during the menstrual period.

Although these effects are common and temporary, some women actually suffer a lot in the days before and during menstruation as well. Often they feel so bad that they can not handle their daily tasks, harming their personal and professional lives.

If this is your case, it is highly recommended that you seek a reliable gynecologist to evaluate your complaints and propose the best treatment. Menstruation is not a disease, but suffering is real.

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