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6 Things Every Wife Should Know

by Family Center

6 Things Every Wife Should Know
Are you a wife? Then what are you expected to do always to your husband?

1. Try to understand even what he speaks, before answering him
Men think differently about women, for it is part of man’s nature to be less willing to explain things in the smallest detail, so a wife needs to be very patient with her husband. You need to almost guess what your husband is trying to explain. The wife needs to make sure she understands her husband’s monosyllables, before “dropping the dogs” or pouring a cataract of words over him. Often the two are in agreement with something, but due to the difference of the way of thinking and talking, what was consensus ends up becoming a fight and dissension between the two.

2. Have patience with her husband when he helps someone in his family
Yes, the husband sometimes exaggerates by helping his family, or spends much time with his relatives, which can leave the wife feeling “left out,” or feeling less loved. This is the source of many quarrels in a “normal” marriage, but it can be avoided: What wives need to understand is that the husband has well separated, within his mind and heart, the feelings he feeds for his family, and the Feelings he has for his wife. For him they are well separated departments, and if the wife can be understanding in this part, a good part of the fights will be avoided, for sure.

3. Do not take away his authority, especially in front of the children
Again, it is important to remember that man thinks and acts differently from woman. This is salutary for the children because the husband, for example, wants to play more “radical” things with his children, especially with the boys. The wife dies of fear when the husband throws the child into the air, or does something similar, that seems, and sometimes is risky and fights with the husband, spoiling all that moment that could be magic for the husband and the children.

What is also not healthy and very displeasing the husband is the wife to speak the opposite of what the husband speaks to the children. Both must agree beforehand, but neither husband nor wife should take away each other’s authority in front of their children. This is not good for the children or the couple.

4. The intimate relationship is fundamental for the husband
Yes, men usually think hard about sex and miss it a lot. For them, more than for women, intimate relationships need to be as frequent as possible. The wife is tired, often, after a tiring day, but if she really wants her husband to love her more, she must always remember that sex for her husband is very, very important.

5. Do not talk too much
Women usually enjoys talking a lot, explain things in the smallest detail, discuss the relationship, etc., Men do not like to talk much, especially about matters that do not interest him. The husband is encouraged when talking to a friend about a sport, action movie or something more “masculine”. This can be another source of fights if the wife does not understand this characteristic of a man. Men does not look at details in general, except for what interests him, and he does not like to discuss relationships at all times. If the woman does not talk too much, or ask too much, the husband will thank for sure.

6. Change things out of place without warning
It sounds very annoying and it can be, when the husband seeks something left in a certain place, and is no longer there, because the wife has moved without warning, it irritates the man a lot. It is such a stupid thing, but it makes the man very angry when he goes to get a tool, for example, and the wife has changed its place.

I hope the above mentioned points will be worked on and corrected in the home. You can leave a comment on how this has benefited you.

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