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6 Things you Should Never Do Immediately After Eating

by Kufre Ekpo

Our eating habits have a direct impact on our body. We often take our health for granted and let work hamper it. What we tend to forget is such leaps have long-term side effects on our system.

Something as simple as skipping our meal or overeating can unexpectedly harm us. We are all guilty of taking our body and its wellness for something that can be ignored. It is our basic responsibility to take care of our bodies. We take nutritional intake for granted!

From what goes inside it to what should we do and what we shouldn’t, there are tons of things that need our attention. 

Today, let’s talk about things we shouldn’t do after eating. Continue reading the post.

. Do not sleep after eating. 

If you consume food and right after that you go to sleep you can get an infection in the intestines. Sleeping acts like a hurdle and causes a problem for the internal workout. Hence a lot of people suffer from flatulence, soreness, body ache and more.

  • Do not eat fruits after eating.

 When you eat fruits after the meal, it limits the absorption which leads to digestive problems and also changes the nutritional value of it. Also,  your stomach will be filled with air & you will feel like a balloon.

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  • Do not take shower.

A good shower always makes our day. But following that ritual after a meal is the biggest blunder. You have had a meal and the engine of your digestive system has just begun. Making it encounter water slower down the process.

Taking a shower after eating increases blood flow to the arms and legs, in that way you are reducing the amount of blood in the stomach. Therefore you will worse digest food.

  • Avoid taking cold water a meal.

The reason is very simple: Ice water does not let the food digest properly because it causes the clumping of food. Hot or warm water helps absorb nutrients better.

. Keep off the gym after a meal

When you have just filled your stomach and decide to hit the gym or do any form of workout, you are calling for discomfort. 

Our body is designed in a certain manner and there is a time for everything. Working out post-meal leads to sluggishness and stomach discomfort.

. Avoid taking Tea and coffee

Tea or coffee also has high acidic content which will cause the protein in the food to be hardened and so it will make the food you ate difficult to digest. For “tea addicts,” drink your tea at least an hour after the meal.

. Don’t walk around

 By walking around after eating will disturb the digestive system in absorbing nutrients from the food that had entered into the body. You should walk but after a half-hour after eating.

But no matter how enjoyable and mentally satisfying these habits may seem, they harm our body and hence should be avoided. Plus, if you want to improve your health and avoid unnecessary fat (obesity), try to wait at least half an hour to one hour before you do these things mentioned above after a meal.

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