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6 tips to give the perfect kiss In Marriage

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6 tips to give the perfect kiss
The kiss can be considered a demonstration of romantic affection by another person or carnal desire. Because it is very intimate and personal, its outcome depends on the involvement of two people.

There are people who kiss well and others ill, but in fact that does not mean that the person is not good in the art of kissing, what happens is that often she does not know some basic techniques.

There is no better kiss, because each person has a taste. However, there are some tips to give the perfect kiss, which can help you a lot when conquering someone. First of all, it is important to know that kissing involves several other factors, such as the presentation, the flirting and especially the exchange of looks, as you will need it to approach to kiss.

Do not forget that the kiss and the other factors that surround you need to be as natural as possible and show feelings such as love, passion or desire.

It is worth remembering that each person has his way of kissing, so not always the lips are in harmony, and this can make the kiss of the other person seem bad. What is important is that the encounter and the touch are pleasant and engaging, and then seek the harmony between the lips. Here are 6 tips to give the perfect kiss.

1. The first step in getting the perfect kiss is to seek harmony. But what would it be to seek harmony in the kiss? Basically, you need to follow the rhythm of the other, however gently and without fussing, until the kiss is in tune, that is, at the same rhythm and intensity. The tip is to try to adjust to his kiss, but give your personality a touch.

2. During the kiss, move smoothly, this does not mean that only the mouth and tongue have to do the job. To get the perfect kiss you need to stimulate all the senses. So the secret is to let go and let the glass interact with the moment.

3. Do not be afraid to use your tongue to kiss, but be careful not to overdo it. The secret to leaving him happy by its kiss is to vary in the movements to leave the moment more intense. Be careful not to leave your mouth still and your tongue too agitated. Another tip is to bet on light nibbles.

4. To make the kiss even more special, stimulate the senses, ie bet on a good perfume, refreshing breath, and especially in a remarkable setting. Wearing a nice perfume is an infallible tip to make your mark on it.

5. Use your hands at the time of the kiss to make a facial or a caress at the nape of his neck. A good tip to give the perfect kiss is to give a warm hug and hold his face or neck.

6. It is no use following these tips and not close your eyes at the time of the kiss. Close your eyes at this time is essential because this way you can intensify the sensations.

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