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6 Tips to saving for your Travel

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You wouldn’t know how much I love travelling until you set your beautiful eyes on what gives me joy the most. As far as I can remember I knew I have ventured into quite a number of things, send a number of emails and taken quite some number of challenge just to enjoy my travel moment. You can also do the same, even though I know money can be a barrier, hindering most people from travelling, yet, with these tips, you can overcome this barrier.

That amazing weekend you desire is possible, You can actually manage yourself and committedly save for your travel. This shouldn’t be strange to you my friends. It gets so interesting when you can plan your earnings to accommodate your travel expenses. It’s all a matter of how bad you want it. Mind you here’s just a quick reminder that your travel dreams are valid & achievable, all you need do is to plan ahead & save more.

Here are some valid tips to help you with getting funds, for your travel.


1.           Get Paid First

Don’t let something else not worth it take your salary immediately that credit alert comes knocking on the door of your bank account. Why not pay yourself first when you get your salary paid every month? With you saving first and the money hits your account, you are adequately preparing well for a trip you haven’t embark on yet but have seen in your mind.


2.    Let go of unnecessary spending

Let go of those expenses that cause leaks on your monthly budget. You know it friends, stop looking at me with that innocent face of yours. Not everything you set your eyes on in the store is meant for you to buy while saving. Your best way to behave while saving for a travel or vacation is simply to watch those little things that easily get your financial attention, ask yourself if it is worth buying. And if it is not, then it will be good you let go of it and focus much more on how to build a good bank for your travel experience. By experience, what you can do best is to save up the percentage you will like to save and spend the rest on some other monthly expenses you think you should spend on.


You don’t need a G Wagon when your salary is not enough to book a first class on an exotic airline.

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3.     Double your Hustle

One of those surest way to raise good savings for your travels is to double your hustle.  Life is too short not to maximize your potential for earning more money & saving more. You’ve got a lot of opportunities around you that you can make use of. Get to ask your colleagues, friends and family members about vacancy, jobs and openings around you. You can just be fortunate to get one that will entirely be dedicated to your travel expenses. A jolly ride into a pleasant 5-star travel begins when you adequately save up for that memorable travel experience you want to have.

As a watchword, also remember that when you save, you don’t window-shop. Hey, folks, it can be crazily tempting on your savings.


4.          Give standing order to your banks Automate your Savings

You will never save the best way you want to if you fail to give your bank a standing order on every of your monthly or periodical deposits. To help you build up a good saving habit for your travel, give instructions to your bank to always withdraw a certain percentage fro your monthly earnings immediately it lands in your account. The standing order which is 100% automated, deduct your savings into a separate account or into the same account without you needing to visit the bank before you get it done. It comes so easy that you never will know when you’ve had enough for your travel.


5.          Travel Financial Plan

Travel financial plan is the best bet for you. In travel financial plan, you have projected or budgeted a certain percentage you will be willing to spend on any travel. This makes you have a target of what your expectation is and with it you get o focus on how best to meet your stipulated target. Target financial plan now becomes more interesting when your eyes have been narrowed into seeing yourself, get closer to the savings percentage you have been looking forward to. Remember that nothing beats being prepared and having a good financial plan for your trips. You feel less stress both financially & physically when you have all your futuristic travel expenses taken care of ahead.

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I will broadly discuss the Travel financial Plan later on.


6.          Take out Procrastination

The most skilled marksman that can easily kill the dream of vacation or travel is Procrastination. On your journey to that destination of yours, you need to first settle with yourself if you want to do this or not. Immediately you have settled this within yourself, then get procrastination off the way by setting a financial goal for yourself. Intimidate procrastination by first placing the map of your destination on your room wall, gaze at it every morning and start packing your backpack. The best way to intimidate procrastination while traveling is doing what will get you closer to the trip. You are never prepared for a travel when you are yet to structure your plans.

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