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6 tricks to teach children patience

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6 tricks to teach children patience

6 tricks to teach children patience
If for adults it is difficult to have patience, what will you tell a child who lives in a world where everything is done in a haste now? There is no time to waste on anyone and everything that is needed can be achieved very quickly.

There are some ways to teach patience to children. And it will be great for parents to participate in these activities and together with them, you can develop this essential attribute.

1. Prepare a food that is normally bought ready
Very calmly it is possible to explain to the child that this time the pizza will not be delivered in a few minutes, but that the family will wait for it. It is important to calculate the time needed so that hunger does not hinder the learning of patience.

So, it is important to indeed cultivate in the heart of your child patience for things by going to the kitchen, separate the ingredients, prepare the dough, bake, prepare the fillings, everything asks for time and tranquility. Pleasing moments will be lived and patience developed.

2. Plant a seed
A grain of beans is enough to teach the child about patience. The necessary daily care accompanied by explanations will make the child happy and understanding that things may take longer than she imagines.

3. Organizing the routine
As the little ones still do not have much sense of time they can understand that the bedtime story comes after dinner and by brushing teeth. So he understands that daily events have a sequel and will not be asking all the time about something he’s waiting for.

Placing a basic routine on a frame for it will help you to position yourself. Images or photographs can help when the child is not yet literate.

4. Keep a visible calendar
Another way to calm anxiety with festive dates or expected events is a calendar with pictures where the child understands that Christmas is still a long way away, but that Easter is near.

5. Playing engineer
Disassembling an object, electronic or not, will help the child understand how it was made and that despite being acquired ready there was a preparation and a time to be created. Assembling a puzzle can also be done and brings this and other benefits.

6. Learning a musical instrument
Even a sweet flute for the younger ones already helps to develop patience, because until it is possible to play a song it takes time and it will take hours of training.

In addition to the tricks, it is also very important that parents be patient, do not ask their children to do things fast or even promote anxiety with phrases such as: “Your birthday is coming …” When parents seek to be patient and calm, balanced and Seek better quality of life for all, children will be like them, more patient and happy.

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