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6 types of headaches that should not be ignored

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6 types of headaches that should not be ignored
The rush of everyday, stress and problems often cause a headache in people. Taking a headache remedy became as common as breathing. This custom is not good because when the body feels pain it is warning that something is not going well and needs the attention of the person. Ideally, check the actual reason for the pain.

There are at least six cases where headache should be questioned and treated. Even if they seem simple and mundane, they deserve attention and proper therapy, which can be done even without the use of licit drugs like a simple aspirin.

1. Tension
One of the most frequent types of headache is usually caused by stress, worries, anxieties and tiredness. It occurs with most people at least once in a lifetime and can be avoided through simple habits such as proper sleep, stretching, yoga or other types of relaxation or massage. It usually strikes the forehead (forehead) and the rest of the head, especially near the nape of the neck.

Result of muscle strain on the neck, shoulders and back that often suffer as well. Living in an organized way avoiding anxieties, noting the tasks to be done so that they are not constantly being remembered by the brain and extending the stress also allows you to stay away from this evil.

2. Sinus
Known as a sinus headache, it is usually caused by sinus-nasal infection (between the nose and eyes, which may also reach the forehead). A doctor should be consulted for the prescription of appropriate medications, after all, an aspirin will not solve the problem, it will only relieve for a short time and may prevent healing from being achieved through appropriate remedies.

3. Migraines6-types-headaches-not-ignored-
Unlike a common headache, it is pulsed and causes a lot of sensitivity to light, sounds, odors and may result in nausea and vomiting. Sometimes it tells you it’s coming through lights that glow or blink in the corner of your eye. Migraine sufferers can deal with specific medications that prevent or abort the pain process. The doctor will know the best for each case.

4. Histamine headache
Only 1% of the world’s population suffers from this pain. It usually comes up every day, always at the same time. It starts in the eye region, usually in the morning or after a nap. It also affects people after drinking alcohol and most smokers. It can occur several days in a row and even months. It can be prevented and the doctor will help in the best treatment.

5. Physical exercises

Some people, especially athletes by profession, experience severe headaches when exercising. Other symptoms than the usual ones can be repaired and reported to the doctor. The pain is similar to migraine and exams may reveal more complex problems such as brain tumors.

6. Thunder Headache

A sudden sharp pain that can last up to a minute is the main characteristic of this headache. The intensity of the pain decreases after this time but continues for an hour or more. The pains in the neck, back and throughout the head can last up to 10 days. It can cause nausea, dizziness and also loss of consciousness. When it is reported and researched it usually reveals more serious problems that need treatment.

The most common headaches can be controlled and avoided with medical help and specific treatments. Other more rare ones can also be resolved through medical specialists. Keeping the body healthy and balanced in all matters brings better quality of life to all.

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