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6 Ways to Enjoy Free Time with Your Kids Without Leaving Home

by Family Center

6 Ways to Enjoy Free Time with Your Kids Without Leaving Home
Taking advantage of free time with your children in a fun and enjoyable way is part of the priority list of most mothers, as well as being a great option for holidays and holidays.

All one wants is to enjoy the company of the little ones, but how to enjoy time with the little children without leaving home? And how to prevent it from becoming boring? Check out 6 ways to spend time with the family with activities that might astound you.

1. Organize a camp at home
One of the funniest activities for kids is camping. It’s a good thing this time the preference is for the activities performed at home, so the solution is to build tents in the living room or bedroom using blankets and sheets. To further liven up the joke, light some candles (away from the blankets!) And tell stories to the little ones.

2. Tell stories
Even if the camp project has not worked, storytelling can be a very fun option. It may be your children’s favorite story, which you may have read and reread thousands of times. But improvisation can also work.

Select old family photos and tell the stories of when you were a child or the adventures of your parents and grandparents. Also opt for old magazines and use the photos of the stories to create, together with your children, stories of mystery and adventure.

3. Dance
Another suggestion, which will surely result in many laughs, is to put a very lively song to play and dance until tired in the company of the little ones. Involve the whole family, make choreographies, teach children to dance, or even promote dance contests.

In addition to spending energy, dance can be a holy remedy for the soul and a link that can further strengthen family ties.

4. Cook with the kids
When you cook with your kids, it has a way of bonding with them. You go through the process of saying one thing over and over again and then playing over the cooking items. Well, cooking with your kids is a way of reassuring them that you have them in mind.

5. Playing with puzzles
Put all the pieces inside a box or basket and let the little ones unleash their imaginations. Promote fashion shows and encourage children to create characters. If possible, film it all. Watching the videos a few years later can also make a lot of laughs.

6. Playing old games
And why not rescue the games you participated in as a child and teach them to your children? Play mime, undead, ring-pass, cat-mia, make soap bubbles, statue, jump ropes, dance chairs, cormorant, stick-sticks, hot potatoes, jump elastic, master sent and hunting Treasure can be very fun activities!

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