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6 Ways To loose Weight

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6 Ways To loose Weight
1. Avoid crash dieting

To loose weight is a very lovely idea. But it could be very deadly when it is done the wrong way. So, cut down on some types of foods that causes fat to the body, and then have a long term goal and plan in order to archive it.

2. Eat enough protein
When you eat enough protein, then you will notice that you have scored yourself above average in healthiness.

So if you want to loose weight and stay healthy, the secret is cut down on your carbohydrates and fats, and have more protein.

3. Have a food journal.
When you have a list of what to eat and not to eat, then you will be able to keep a healthy lifestyle.

So write down a journal of what to eat and not to eat. You can also plan what you want to eat before hand.

4. Have Vinegar
When you take vinegar moire often, then you will ale to reduce weight massively, body mass and excessive fat according to research.

5. Have surgery
When the excess fat in the body cannot leave, then you can try to have a lap band surgery or a gastric bypass that can help a high-blood patient, type 2 Diabetic patient or heart disease patient.

6. Fast regularly
This is another way to loose weight. When you have regular fasting periods like some religious clerics do, hen you may reduce it. It is a good strategy or plan.

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