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6 Ways To Prevent Dark Circles

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6 Ways To Prevent Dark Circles
Many people coexist peacefully with dark circles. Others however consider these brown or purplish spots below the eyes, sometimes accompanied by swelling, a real nightmare, and imagine that they go away.

1. Chamomile tea
Many wonder if the hint of chamomile tea really works. Doctor Ana Escobar assures me that yes. The individual that makes tea with two sachets to take and instead of discarding the sachets, put them in the refrigerator. When they are very cold, lie down, relax, put on a soothing song and make compresses in the eyes with. Chamomile has a soothing power and ‘ice cream’ promotes vasoconstriction, attenuating the effect of dark circles on the face.

2. Cold cucumber slices
According to article published in the Huffington Post, chilled cucumber slices really help reduce dark circles, including swelling or bags under the eyes. This is because cucumbers contain powerful antioxidants and flavonoids, which can reduce irritation and inflammation, and the cooling effect reduces swelling.

3. An extra pillow
Sleeping with an extra pillow that is, more slanted can prevent or reduce swelling under the eyes, which produces a shade and makes the look tired and aged.

4. Use sunscreen
In order to prevent hereditary dark circles, those caused by the sun or by excess melanin, it is essential to use sunscreen with a high protection factor, specific to the eye region, during the day, both outdoors and indoors, mainly under fluorescent lights and in front of the computer screen.

Outdoors, the sunglasses are an extra and fundamental protection. Adopting this habit is essential to achieve the expected results with the prescribed treatments.

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5. Creams based on vitamins
Lighten dark circles, activate circulation and drain liquids from the area, preventing swelling.

Some acids are indicated for dark circles caused by excess melanin; Others, such as thioglycolic acid, are indicated for dark circles caused by microvessels. In this case, the blood that flows inside these vessels deposits a dark pigment, composed of iron oxide, called hemosiderin. 6-ways-to-prevent-dark-circles

6. Pulsed light and laser

Limelight intense pulsed light. Suitable for both brown and purple eye circles. The heat generated by the device destroys the melanin pigments, transforming them into microparticles, which are reabsorbed by the body, while the vessels contract, decreasing in size.

VBeam Perfecta – laser.
Indicated to diminish purplish dark circles under the contraction of fine vessels.

Photon – laser.
Treats both types of dark circles. The light breaks the melanin pigments and reduces the caliber of the vessels, reducing the hemosiderin deposit in the area.

None of these tips will have the expected effect unless combined with a healthier lifestyle, which includes abolishing tobacco and alcohol.

Ingest sufficient quantities of water; Sleeping from 7 hours to 8 hours a night. Adhere to a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains.

Reduce salt consumption (which favors the buildup of fluid under the eyes) and exercise often to relieve stress – which will help improve the appearance of your skin.

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