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6 worst foods to eat at night

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6 worst foods to eat at night
Let’s agree that, indeed, the night is a complicated period, we usually watch some soap opera or film that, of course, catches very well with a popcorn or other delicacy, or often, hits that uncontrollable hunger. But the truth is that even though the night is very dangerous for those who diet, so it is necessary to resist temptations as never before.

Believe me, as metabolism is much slower at this time of day, this ends up making weight gain greater when you invest in treats.

And the tip is to be super careful, because there are foods that are apparently super innocent, but that there is nothing healthy and can completely destroy your diet.

What to avoid eating at night
We grew up hearing that at night we should eat much less, and that is true, but there are some foods that we should not eat under any circumstances at night.

In general, we should avoid acidic, greasy foods or sleeping stimulants; on the other hand, we should invest in foods such as bananas, unsweetened cereals or even chamomile tea, which are soothing to the stomach.

Taking a ride with the Prevention website, we will now show you the worst foods to consume at night, especially for those who diet. The following are what you should avoid.

1. Soda
Because it is very acidic, the refrigerant, over time, damages these valves between the stomach and the esophagus, and as it is gasified, the beverage also increases the pressure inside the stomach, which can cause discomfort.

2. Fruits and citrus drinks

As they have a high acid content, they can stay in the stomach when emptying at night, when we do not eat anything. For some people, this can be aggressive.

3. Red Meat
Meat should be avoided at night and the reason is simple, the digestion of proteins and meat fibers is slower, so avoid eating at night.

4. Chocolate
Aside from most of them being highly caloric, and the metabolism does not account for burning those calories in the evening, it may also contain caffeine and a lesser known stimulant, called theobromine, which can take away sleep.

Remembering that resting during sleep is crucial to getting as much weight , as setting or increasing muscles.

5. Cheese
Very greasy, that pizza mozzarella, for example, is unadvisable at night.

6. Chestnuts
Chestnuts are good quality fats but should be avoided at night as they are stimulants that contain caffeine, especially cashew nuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and peanuts.

So, the next time you get to eat at night, don’t eat the above as they are not good for you and your family.

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