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7 Activities attached to Saturdays in Nigeria

by Family Center

Being a Nigerian is one of those things that gives us delight. Life as a Nigerian can quite be funny or maybe synonymous everywhere you go to.

In Nigeria, there are some activities you are very sure will hardly scale through Saturday, being a work-free day. These set of activities we are about showing you will lead you through the life and times of an average Nigerian.


In Nigeria, a Saturday hardly passes without men engaging in all of these.


  1. Laundry day

Of all the days in a week, Saturday is the day that most Nigerians get to vent their spleen on their dirty clothes. In Lagos, Onitsha, Port Harcourt, Owerri or anywhere you go to, you can be so sure someone will wash something this day because people hardly have the time in the course of the week.


  1. Wedding day

Do you know that Saturday in Nigeria is undoubtedly synonymous with Weddings? There is virtually no local government area in the country you will visit on a Saturday morning without being able to point or be told that a wedding ceremony is holding somewhere.  There is always a wedding to attend for Nigerians on Saturdays.


  1. Owambe

Owambe in Nigeria is very synonymous with parties. You can always be sure that there will be a party to attend somewhere, maybe much closer to you or farther, it is just so compulsory


  1. Smell Party Jollof Rice

Just as you know, Saturdays are the best time that Nigerians cook the best Jollof rice in the world. It is a surety that someone, somewhere will prepare jollof rice on a large scale for parties and events. You will see instances in your neighbourhood where women rally around a woman (often the celebrant) to help in cooking ‘obligation’.

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  1. Ankara Parade

Have you heard the Yoruba slang, O wo Ankara o je semo (without your Ankara fabric, you can’t eat Semovita)? This is just to tell you that Ankara fabric is one of the most used party wear in Nigerian. Party owners have come to show greater interest for it above any other type of fabric and it seems to be the major wear you will get to see more on a Saturday in Nigeria. Ankara fabric rules and will always parade itself on a Saturday morning or evening


  1. Viewing Center Jampack

Men love to hang out on Saturdays at viewing centres to watch their favourite foreign clubs play. It is amazing to note that even husbands who have a decoder transmitting the same match and a flatscreen TV screen as wide as 64” inches (or any wider inches) still prefer to hang out with the boys and argue over some soft drinks with nicely diced and spiced meat. This is mostly experienced in Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt or Abuja.


  1. Young boys day for football

This list is never complete if we fail to let you know that Saturday is the day when young boys and even some adult play street soccer. You just can’t take this away from our Nigerian folks.


One way or the other, someone somewhere reading this piece is at least planning to do three or four of the activities listed here and these are just what makes us different as a nation.


We are proud Naija and that is why we have 5 interesting places you can have fun with your family.

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