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7 Advice On How To Deal With in-laws of in-laws

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7 Advice On How To Deal With in-laws of in-laws
One of the main reasons for fights between couples is the influence of the spouse’s family in marriage. In many cases the situation becomes so severe that it results in separation. Is it possible to cope?

1. If you do not want your in-laws to interfere with your marriage, do not let your parents or family members do that either. Remember that it does not matter which side; Interference is always negative.

2. Seeking financial independence is paramount so that the new home can be structured without external influences. Whether the couple depends in some way on the family of origin or dwells with them, it will be difficult to get rid of their influences.

3. Try to talk to your spouse for help, but do not be exasperated if he simply does not act. Many children can not say no to their parents, and if that’s your case, you are going to have to learn to deal with it.

4. Have a firm and loving posture at the same time. Never forget that your in-laws are the parents of your spouse and should be respected, but be firm in not allowing interference. Use assertiveness, tell and demonstrate your feelings, what you like and dislike.

5. If you notice that your in-laws are using light weapons, such as talking about you in your absence, talk to your spouse about how bad you feel about this situation. Try to sensitize him with affection, without constant complaints, let alone becoming a victim. Stand with him too, say what you accept or do not do, and act accordingly.

6. Keep in mind that it is normal for parents to want to protect their children, although they often do it the wrong way. Do not see evil in everything; They may be traumatized people in their own relationships and want to prevent their children from going through the same problems. Or even believe that the right way is how they live and want the child to live the same way.

7. If even in the face of this comprehensive but effective intervention, the intrusions continue, perhaps a more drastic attitude is needed, keeping a distance. It is not a question of getting away from your in-laws altogether, but of lessening the conviviality of harmonizing your home.

The important thing is to maintain a healthy relationship with your in-laws, always prioritizing the well-being of your home.

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