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7 approaches for a NEW YOU to emerge in 2018

by Yomi Adewale
7 approaches for a NEW YOU to emerge in 2018

Finally, we are in the New Year with much expectations and ambitions. Every year gives you an opportunity to start afresh so many things you might have messed up in the previous years.

If I may ask, how was your last year in terms of improvement on your personality, evaluation of your performance at work, your finances, relationships and marriage, health, achievement of goals and visions, your actions and reaction to mention but a few?

If you are sincere with yourself, there are many things you wish you should or would have done better if you were given another chance and opportunity. Do you really mean it or you are just thinking about it or you are sure of yourself looking at this question?

Being alive gives you the privilege to TRY AGAIN. While you think you might have messed up big time in 2017, what lessons have you drawn from such mistakes and errors? How sincere and deliberate are you to right your wrongs, put things straight and amend your ways?

Below are some things you can do to have a better edition of yourself in the new year; I mean A New You can emerge if only you can take responsibility and be deliberate. Writing out a new year resolution is not enough; you need to be certain about what to do. Be sure and clear about how to do it and know where to go and people to relate to. The Year has started, the ball is rolling, where will you end this 2018? Not the usual way but unusual and deliberate moves to end gloriously.

1. Avoid Last Year’s mistakes and errors
There is need to review your activities, results and challenges of last year. This evaluation would open you to things that were not properly done and make you draw lessons for the future. The assessment can be by you, an outsider, your employer and probably your clients or customers. Please do not be too big or afraid to get feedback; it is good for your step to the next level.

2. Learn new things
Be receptive to knowledge, especially relevant tips that will move you closer to your visions and goals for the Year. Learn, re-learn and un-learn. Check for specific industry/profession needs and things that can improve your personality traits. Go for it, pay the price! You have to identify your training needs and look out for organisations, professionals, individuals and books that can help you.

3. Change your thought and strategy
Your pessimistic mentality must change. Always remember that our actions are propelled by our thought. A downcast person believes he can’t make it, he can’t do it, the atmosphere is not conducive for him. He may not be able to think through whenever he’s faces mountains and problems. Be optimistic! think through and profer solutions this year; see things happening through you and all will be well.

Look around and identify old styles and approaches that have become irrelevant for the present situation which may require improvement or a total change. Don’t shy away from it. The first point would have identified some issues that could help at this point. Check your attitude to money, to time, to people, to situations etc to enable you to identify things to change for a NEW you to emerge.

4. Be Accountable
Get a mentor or coach that can be accountable for you this Year. You can’t grow in isolation; you need to be tutored and groomed. You must be ready to confront the consequence of your actions, that is the hallmark of maturity and people who are going to be better in life.

5. Draw Strength
Review your relationships. Connect wisely with people that can add value to your life, and also with people you can be of tremendous benefit. Don’t be a user or an abuser of relationships and opportunities. Avoid toxic people and relationship, anything that deflates, drains and even depletes your strength will draw you backwards in achieving your goals. Be happy, enjoy every moment as you see it as a blessing, enjoy your hobby, enjoy your job and people around you.

6. Plan and prepare for new opportunities
It is a fact that every successful journey will require planning and good preparation. There is a need to prepare a good budget and have a short and long-term plan. Plan your day, don’t get to the day before the day throws at you whatever is in it. Embrace each day with the high optimism of hope and plan for the future. Plan your resources, your time, projects etc. If you want to go far, take planning and solid preparation serious as tools for your growth and progress in life.

7. Be close to God in prayer and worship

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. John 15:5 KJV

Human beings are limited in strength, wisdom and power. we have a Creator and Maker who is All-knowing and All-sufficient. To make a mark in life, you need Him. You can’t become anything without His help and support, You must be humble enough to acknowledge Him and admit that you need His help to CHANGE you and change situations in your favour and for your good, do not go through this New year without His presence to forestall frustrations and disappointment.

I wish you well in the journey of 2018!

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